DeSantis Ad TOUTS Pandemic Handling, FL Gov ON TRACK To Win Reelection: Poll

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) released a new campaign ad highlighting blue-collar workers in Florida who have benefitted from his anti-shut down approach during the Covid-19 pandemic. #antilockdown #covid19 #covid19policies #midterms #DeSantis

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  1. due to more than two decades of republican governorship and government in Florida, we born and raised Floridians have suffered a systemic breakdown of infrastructure with a simultaneous explosion of unchecked development and corporate giveaway of natural resources! The "immigration' of rich republicans and retirees has fouled Florida politics with unchecked graft and repeated cancellation of initiatives voted and approved by the overwhelming majority…. proof is the megamaga spending for desatan, the corporate mercenary

  2. Another thing Bri is lost on is Medicare for all. That money does not come from thin air it comes from the tax payers. If you really want to help on medical care stop sending billions to other countries for gender studies. Yes actual gender studies it's straight up insane but that's the Demoncrats for you. Stop sending billions to Ukraine for there war, stop spending billions on 87K IRS agents, and many more I could list. Instead send that money for people to use for gym memberships to get into shape, set up programs to make medicine more affordable. Put a cap onto procedures at hospitals so people don't go bankrupt from it. There's so many more examples but not enough time in the day.

  3. I just got a headache listening to this, I should've stopped listening as soon as the conversation was hijacked by Bri to go in different direction from the original topic

  4. If you ask people, do you want free this or free that, a majority of the people are going to say yes. BUT, when you say, ok, we are going to make it "free" but you'll have to pay higher taxes for it, you're going to get a different answer.

    Also, this is what a "civilized" conversation with a liberal looks like, Robby is trying to stay calm and express his side without raising his voice while Briahna just screams with feelings and drowns him out…

  5. I’m in Florida. I’m from Florida. I work for a small business and I run a small business. I have children in school. This is a red state the fact that we passed the minimum wage is not an argument for whether or not we have a majority of Republicans in the state. if you look at it historically minimum wage is usually passed minimum wage increases usually pass. The majority of voters especially in Pinellas county Florida are voting for DeSantis because of everything that this ad that was at the beginning of the segment is stating. The Democrats in Florida are particularly lost I know I ran on their ticket for 2020 election. They have no message they pick and choose candidates based on race and gender and when Crist entered the race they barely supported Nikki fried bc they were blind to the possibilities.
    DeSantis will win bc he fights for Floridians and delivers a message loud and clear. We still don’t know what Charlie is for. All he talks about is how bad DeSantis is

  6. If it takes four years to get the signatures required to put an initiative on the ballot, it is not popular. Note that only 8% of Floridians need to sign the petition in order to get the initiative on the ballot.

  7. Democrats have made their stronghold ,California the place no one wants to visit let alone live there. Florida is no longer a swing State. The democrats have managed to unite every demografic against them. The democrats are done.

  8. It'll be interesting to see how an eye-wateringly low level of unemployment helps wages rise. What the lady in pink doesn't say is that there is now fierce competition between states. Perhaps CA is not for people who like FL. And those who are sick of CA now move to FL thus pushing up house prices. It's not for De Santis to lower Floridian standards of living to help Newsom – it's for Newsom to step up to the plate and improve CA!

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