DeSantis CALLS OUT ‘Elites’ At WEF, Davos: They Want To Make Us ‘SERFS’

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) lambasting attendees expected to go to the 53rd World Economic Forum in Davos. #DeSantis #Davos #wef

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  1. Rising pulls the bait and switch. They bait you in with headlines about criticism towards WEF. But switch it out for for anti-gas stove propaganda. Pay attention and you'll see they are really liberal propaganda in disguise. Brianna joy Gray thinks she's clever.

  2. Two points about the recent 'gas stoves are bad' campaign: First, show the data…I am extremely skeptical that an unbiased study of this can get it right on the first release. Second, I think the choice we're being told (Get rid of all residential gas stoves or we're killing our children) is a false choice. If health hazards are uncovered (which I could believe is true) there are probably a host of mitigating actions that can vastly reduce the risks.

  3. God knew way before we did that we were going to require energy and a lot of it. Thanks creatures and plants…
    Stop slapping our Lord in the face by refusing his blessed gift to us.

  4. "ELITE" is a term billionaires pefer rather than the truth (thief) having said that consider any problems they are going to "save" us from you will find a billionaire
    that created that problem amassing thier billions

  5. A 2015 Swedish study states that children that grew up in homes with dishwashers are also more prone to allergies about the same rate. Are they going to ban dishwashers now too?

  6. Let us stop calling them "elite" they are rich and those riches come mostly from great crime, environmental decay or societal rot. The rich buy the best MBA's and attorneys to beat the system as well as write the rules, it's not themselves doing any of it. They're off enjoying fabulous lunches, dinners, private entertainment and bribing. Hard work is necessary to be rich or poor that's not a good scale but it's the one used by their pundits as to why. Not likely.

  7. Lebron? Anti China comments? The dude literally went after Daryl Morey because he was speaking bad about the CCCP…..Lebron was pro China until he got called out on it by the public. What kind of Ret conning is this

  8. The WEF and Davos elite have hired 5000 security guards to protect them with AR-15's. So they want AR-15's but they specifically do not want you to have an AR-15. hm.

  9. When the most powerful and influential people are deciding how the rest of the world should be, we should be worried many have more money and influence than countries. Guaranteed their agenda is not similar to the 'populists'. Since when is popular a dirty word when that's the basis of democracy? It seems populist is bad because it's popular with the lower classes.
    Not right/left but class politics.

  10. There are best practice methods for using gas… so issues maybe exaggerated depending how the anti gas ppl want to use the 'science'. Again, you never end up seeing a cost benefit risk analysis for solutions, including pandemic. If elites think something is true bc they think it, then there is not much incentive to provide solid analysis.

  11. The ENTIRE Republican Party caters to elites. All of them. If it's not demanding tax breaks for the wealthy elites then it's taking the money of wealthy elites and doing their bidding.
    At least with Democrats you have a faction of the party that refuses corporate money and refuses donations from the wealthy elites and that is the progressives, the rest of the establishment Democrats are all bought off.

    Now if DeSantis the conservative hypocrite that he is was serious about "elites" then he would make his financial disclosures public and go through each donation from wealthy elites he took money from and defend it.

  12. Klaus Swab and Yuval Noah Harari said that we are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution and that humans are now hackable animals. That's a fact, not a "conspiracy".

  13. What is that snake John Kerry doing representing the U.S.? He's an unelected scumbag always petitioning against our nation and interests. Except when someone like Biden or Obama occupy the white house

  14. She doesn't question the impeccable timing or veracity of the 'new' gas stoves / childhood asthma 'research' being released – and accepts it as gospel, prima facie. Normally, she's better than this.

  15. I think all the attendees at Davos this week are getting worried. That is one good reason they have extra Swiss Military guarding them from harm. The rest of us want those elite attendees at Davos to tremble because we now know what they stand for. Those of us who are supposed to own nothing and be happy are looking forward to those rats abandoning their WEF ship.

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