DeSantis Does The Unforgivable

Ron DeSantis and his cruelty know no bounds.
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  1. Real talk it's pretty messed up how non-border states and those inhabitants advocating for illegal immigration and dismiss it as not a serious issue are now figuring out how to handle it. Martha's vineyard got like 50 arriving there, right, and they couldn't house any of them? They had to get the national guard to ship them away?

  2. Their sanctuary cities that's where they need to go. they're so proud they're so happy they're shining lights and white nights.. oh that's right you want to keep all those dirty people away from you right Democrats. What a bunch of straight liars..

  3. They're not migrants. Very legal aliens that come here… because the Democrat party has said come on in we'll take care of you of the tax dollars. America already spends billions on these people. but for some reason we have poor Americans on the street and in the ghettos. Meanwhile they're shipping fentanyl all across the country which is the number one killer of men.

  4. More Americans have died from fentanyl than Americans that passed away in the Vietnam war. You can think that Chinese government the Mexican cartels and Joe Biden.

  5. These people are going to be fine they sent them on a private jet to Martha's vineyard not on a Greyhound bus to Chicago I took a train from Los Angeles to Chicago that was 3 days of hell

  6. Instead of putting their money, where their mouths are, the "sanctuary city" dipped on their 1st challenge. This is EXACTLY how the so called elites behave. They are who we thought they were.

  7. First time viewer here. Can someone explain this guys angle? He’s just coming off as an elitist dickhead but I get it’s a play on something. Anybody care to explain? (Asking for a friend)

  8. Democrats: send them browns to any city but mine. Mine can’t handle the flooding influx of 50 people. Send them back to texas where they’re 2 million every 8 months flooding in. Let them deal with the browns.


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