DeSantis PIVOTS on Ukraine, Anti-Wokester Stumped, Mutual Aid for East Palestine, SVB Aftermath

On this stream: Ron DeSantis infuriates neocon Republicans by pivoting on Ukraine – Anti-woke author Bethany Mandel stumped by Briahna Joy Gray – United for East Palestine Facebook group brings mutual aid to the community – Barney Frank defends his bank lobbying, and more SVB aftermath.

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  1. I should have stayed up for the whole show, then I could have responded to the CRT issue and Tusker's comments more effectively than here. Critical race theory did indeed have its source in the Frankfurt School. The school of thought was to promote Marxism via dialectics and getting people to understand the contradictions in German society. The time frame, which is always important, is 1923 in Germany. The school were made up of academics who, among other things, were interested, from a labor, economics, and social point of view, in why the working class was not responding to organizers' efforts in ways they had anticipated. Most of the school were also Jews and their Jewish identity, in Germany in 1923, had a lot to do with their interests and methodologies. If my memory serves me well, most had to flee Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

    The CIA had nothing to do with a left-wing, German movement in 1923.

    What did happen was that the CIA in the 1950s founded the Congress for Cultural Freedom and thus developed what basically became a conspiracy theory that the Frankfurt School were anti-communist CIA operatives.

    Critical race theory was developed, in the US, by Derrick Bell, an African America, lawyer, law professor, and civil rights activist who, among other things, supervised hundreds of desegregation cases. Desegregation was not a right-wing project, although it, as we see now, had its problems. Developments included the idea that laws were not value neutral. The CRTs were all about challenging mainstream narratives especially around race.

    Read, yes. Read everything, Here are another couple of books you might take a look at: The Frankfurt School, Jewish Lives, and Antisemitism, by Jack Jacobs (Cambridge University Press), 2015. An anything by Derrick Bell. And Richard Delgado's (law faculty at the U of AL) compendium of sources.

    All of which, I think, it is important to actually understand critical race theory.

    However, after listening to this episode in its entirely, I have a better understanding of what Keaton and Russell were trying to say, i.e. their concerns. I am cogitating on them.

    Much love & respect to all 3 of you: Tusker, Russell, and Keaton. Cheers!

  2. I'm annoyed Ohio is suing Norfolk Southern and isn't charging them with criminal negligence, but is seeking civil damages instead. Should do that AFTER it gets them on record charged with a crime. THEN sue them in civil court and use the criminal judgement as further evidence to get all the money possible out of the company. But criminal charges should be put forth first.

  3. Gipped has always been used to describe a specific person screwing you over in a specific instance. I've never heard it used derogatorily towards gypsies. That seems like a bit of a reach on Russell's part. Some of these words that supposedly have negative connotations remind me of dog whistles I can't seem to hear and come off like something you had to be trained to notice or else you wouldn't ever see things that way. Just like a lot of supposedly negative interactions between people of different demographics-it feels like some people are being taught to see prejudice and bigotry where there is none and it's unfortunate to see. I'm not for banning words or phrases from our lexicon just because some people have been taught by others around them to be offended by those words or phrases cause they see it as some sort of derogatory dog whistle or something. I first noticed it with Jane Lynch and her crusade against the word "retarded" as if it was offensive and she wasn't just teaching people to be offended by what was a medical term but certain bigoted goofballs wanted to use derogatorily. So society caved and gave it to them and taught people to be offended by the word. It didn't stop there. More words and phrases keep getting added to the list because racists and bigots are always looking for new ways to get under people's skin and use coded language and gestures to feel smug about their bigotry. I don't see the point in letting that happen. That's what's being done here now with gipped. People wanna try to turn it into a bigoted term and I don't want to let an otherwise innocuous word be labeled as an offensive or hate based term. It's stupid.

    Has appeasing the bigots and giving them more words, phrases, and gestures done anything other than censor the way the rest of us can communicate with each other and make people feel like they have to walk on eggshells around others from different demographics in order to avoid offending anyone? I'm not giving them, gipped, Russell. You shouldn't either. It's not a bigoted term or a dog whistle unless you too choose to let it be. I refuse.

  4. Watched clips before, but this was my first full show. You two have great energy and convey your opinion very well. Russell, you brought the thunder during the Parents/Kids/School/Sex Education convo 👍😎

  5. Love your content….not sure you should be making a whole segment out of heresay. Bethany Mandel is a nut. That "she was caught on a hot mic" shit falls under the heading "something that never happened". Otherwise, excellent stuff.

  6. I don't disagree with the takes that you have talked about re: wokeness. But I think you might ALSO want to do some kind of overarching analysis of what this is. More culture war nonsense that gets thrown against the wall by the right until something sticks. This stuck. But they do what they always do….go looking for the one in a thousand egregious case of woke bullshit and blow it up into a moral panic. It's like SNAP recipients buying lobster. This is what they do. I would have appreciated that perspective here.

  7. Hmmm….this might be the worst episode I've seen….some bits of logic i don't get. Why do you think "give up your position in the meritocracy" is a good argument exactly? Sounds a bit like the "yet you participate in capitalism" meme to me. Telling someone post hoc to give up their position in a society even if they disagree with the rules of that society isn't a good argument about….anything. Especially when talking about CRT? It's just weird. Another there's nothing there there from Shapiro. Not sure why you think it's strong at all. Wow….now you're talking about the credentialing of specialists in society? Your arguments themselves actually sound pretty right wing. Who on Earth thinks that doctors shouldn't be properly trained or credentialed exactly? That's NOT the argument that's going on about meritocracy. holy moly.

  8. I have to disagree with Russell's take on Krystal Ball being a good faith actor. First bout 3 weeks ago Breaking points did do a MW propaganda piece titled, Dem Civil War. It was Emily not Saggar. Krystal starts it w/ admitting MW is her friend and then has Emily, a libertarian, praise MW. They talk about an article where MW compared her run to Abolitionists and Suffragettes and praised her for it!! They talk about how MW was smeared by 2020 coverage 4 being too spiritual/ cookey but don't mention that MW said," Truth is a keloid scope" just a couple months ago on RBN.
    Krystal refuses to interview Kshama or talk bout Worker's Strike Back. How is that a good faith actor. There are more examples but I don't want to rant 😂

  9. You should also be consistent in your approach, the bible/torah/koran are filthier than any book they're banning from being taught to children. If you are for the banning of teaching this filth on the same basis, sure, go ahead and ban gender studies books as well. also, if we're to make an exception on the basis of being religious to ban teaching of sexuality (essentially sociology and biology) what other sciences does Russell want to be banned from schools and left to the families? How about geology and astronomy so that flat earthers aren't offended or medicine so that the homeopathy cooks aren't offended. This is a stupid argument, the fact that it's popular has no merit on whether it's actually asinine to believe this. Popular =/= correct when people are clearly ill informed.

    finally here are a few more contradictions in your approach… you make an argument for electoral popularity when you seldom argue for electoral politics as an outlet for your audience or the left in general. you also accuse the mainstream liberals for benefiting from wokism politically while arguing that it hurts them in the voting booth, please pick an argument and stick with it.

  10. Well, there is a reason why the USA has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the developed world. That will be in part down to a lack of sex ed. Off course that should be in high school, not primary… and it needs to be done in a sensitive manner by specifically trained staff.
    For what age group were these books? Don't know what they contain exactly but it is pretty feasible that these books (if they address consent, emotional aspects, etc) are a step up from learning about sex from porn (which at this point is where most teens get their info from)..
    I think at some point school kids should learn about different genders and other sexual orientation. In primary school it should just be that it is OK if another kid has two dads or two moms.. Later on it should be a bit more than that. It is important for kids who might have these tendencies feel OK about themselves and it might promote tolerance generally… No need for being particularly explicit…

  11. To be honest some parents do seem to get kids for narcissistic reasons but they are the exception.
    I know about of one career woman (high payed banker) who insists on her little ones being in bed and out off sight when she comes home (not all that late). Dad is getting them to bed.
    They have a huge house but only a tiny area is for playing and must be kept spotless..
    On weekends kids get shoved off to the grandparents (his parents, since her parents are too good for that job) whenever possible.
    The thing is that this woman did not just have one kid and decide it wasn't for her… She insisted on having three because that was her preconceived plan. Like her career everything had to be according to her plan.

  12. It is often alleged (by the right) that "wokeness" came out of May 1968 (maybe this is more of European thing).
    In actual fact what passes as "wokeness" today is the result of the May 1968 revolutionary moment not being taken to its conclusion (due to some inherent weaknesses) in the 1970s and then the neoliberal counterrevolution coming around in the 1980s.
    "Wokeness" are the scraps of May 1968 repackaged in an inoffensive individualist package.
    In part it is (upper) middle class participants of May 1968 compromising with the system… and then there is off course ruling class / corporate recuperation.
    However, left critics of "wokeness" must not join the anti-woke backlash. That backlash is a divide and rule offensive in the service of a ruling class in deep crisis. Under the cover of opposing some woke silliness real social gains are being attacked. If we let this pass this will only undermine the working class' cohesion and hence its ability to fight back.
    While steering clear of wokeness / identity politics when it comes to organizing, tactics, objectives… what the left really needs to do is to complete May 1968 and give the ruling class (both conservative and liberal) a real reason to cry in despair.

  13. You have a great channel. But both your teacher bashing comments in this show are really ignorant, stereotyped and shows a general lack of knowledge about the education profession as a whole. I'm surprised and shocked about your stupid comments.

  14. First off, you’re killing me with this bailout chat and I haven’t got to the segment yet. I don’t get it, it’s like the shitlib narrative spread to independent media too. No strategy. I saw this and thought, fantastic, we’re setting a precedent for these next generation bailouts – there will be more – to have the depositors completely saved. Shareholders lost everything, no bonuses for those CEOs, it’s almost completely opposite from 2008 except the depositors aren’t poor and there were lots of small business accounts. And because of that, the anger made everyone cut off their nose to spite their faces…

    Now, as things work their way into a collapse, when it happens the left made so much noise Biden might say “jagabrhaharrvv” basically ‘we heard you loud and clear the last time so don’t worry this time we will maintain FDIC limits and follow all the restrictions and a long distribution timeframe’. And considering the Fed private meeting clip had them discussing, not FDIC insurance but doing a bail in like the trial run Cypress went through after 2008. And honestly, the way left media who usually have critical thinking, all threw it to the wind to join in the attack basically arguing for measures that would align with a bail in.

    Second, this appears to be more about the global banking mafia to hurt crypto or shape the market into a tight funnel they control. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it and that there are mean rich people with a ton of it, the fact is the elite institutions will always be limited in what they can do to it. Crypto is by far the best chance to survive whatever fascism has in store for US. We know foreign policy always comes home so just imagine what digital sanctions will look like. Imagine loosing your bank for a Tweet that’s true but goes against whichever corporation currently has its hand in the puppet’s puppet-hole. You donate to something and the wrestlers tag out and the new one doesn’t like your donations so your bank access is restricted.

    Last, just icing on the cake, you have people like Matt “FTV is too basic let’s make a big list of policies and use those to talk to the politicians actively hiding from/ignoring the single, simple idea of forcing a vote because that’ll work” Stohler advocating we all bank directly with the Fed. So imagine you’re a global south country with all your financials inbred with Augustus at the IMF telling you what you can and can’t do with your money. Stohler also said Gary Gensler was doing a good job even though he’s one of the most openly dishonest, bad faith, vocal liar and gas lighter. Everyone has been begging for regulation but he only had eyes for SBF and FTX it seems. Everyone else has requests in for years literally begging for guidance but he’s not there for that. Oh and Stohler also said he liked Omarova who was nominated but she’s a crazy WEF type who helped craft a paper arguing for direct Fed banking accounts and that they could “cure” inflation by simply taking money directly from everyone’s Fed bank account.

  15. 35:10 Americans will realize they are living a life that our level of production does not justify…oh no does that mean America will have to produce more?…Shucks! can we go with some green and high tech /chip manufacturing then?. I am a summa cum laude architecture graduate who's never held a full time job in my field which is needed if I ever wanted to become an architect…I've always had sorta entry type level jobs, but some of those jobs, like overhauling and manufacturing airplane parts or safety equipment for trucks and 5 way antenna receivers for miners are jobs most people with a little on the job training can do, and it's interesting. A Group of Mexicans who used to work at a Ford Fusion plant in Mexico have set out our shop in the states and holy crap is the place, and working for them super nice. We can joke about how ridiculous labor laws are here in the USA, how clean and nice the shop is, but yeah lets get these jobs going and more shops opened. Every city wants them! They pay well! The USA figured out a working Fusion reaction using taxpayer dollars people. Government can sometimes still do good stuff… the green revolution is a clean industrial revolution in waiting…if now we need it more then ever, lets just do it.

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