DeSantis Suspends Woke Prosecutor; Pentagon Rejects DC’s Migrant Troops; Dollar Store OIS Body Cam

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Florida Governor and likely 2024 Presidential Candidate Ron Desantis suspends (fires) woke Prosecutor Andrew Warren who refused to enforce Florida law. Warren, a member of Fair and Just Prosecution, opposed recent changes to Florida law involving abortion and gender rights issues.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser request for support from the National Guard to respond to the migrant crisis in the nation’s Capitol has been rejected by the Pentagon. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin determined that additional resources were not warranted. Meanwhile, border states continue to send migrants to Washington D.C.

Police Officers in Pleasantville, New Jersey responded to a Dollar General Store after shots were fired by an armed individual. After officers arrived on scene, 6 officers opened fire on a man named Jalial Whitted, who amazingly did not die. Prosecutors opened an investigation into the shooting and released the body camera footage for public review. In this video, criminal defense lawyer Robert Gouveia reviews three OBCs from officers Evans, Bethea and Mayz.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:10 – Mindmap Recap
00:08:53 – DeSantis Suspends Prosecutor for Refusing to Enforce Law
00:11:10 – Andrew Warren Organization: Fair and Just Prosecution
00:14:34 – Announcement
00:17:10 – Press Conference
00:34:57 – DeSantis Order
00:40:15 – Andrew Warren Twitter Response
00:42:30 – Pentagon to Washington DC: No National Guard for Migrant Caravans
00:43:16 – Busloads
00:54:30 – Whitehouse Frustrated
00:56:55 – Pentagon Denies
00:59:45 – Bodyam Review: Cops Open Fire at Dollar General
01:03:02 – New Jersey Prosecutor’s Release
01:06:54 – On Scene Clip and 911 calls
01:35:21 – Jalial Whitted Charges
01:36:24 – Youtube & Locals Community

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  1. DeSantis really does what he says, he is not all talk, he is all about action. We need more like him in the GOP. People that will fight for what we want and not cower from the woke media and tech oligarchs and minions.

  2. When I was a deputy, I can tell you these scenes are scary! That being said, this cop needs help. Usually it’s after an incident like this is over & the suspect is in custody & on his way to jail…..THEN is when the LEOs start shaking! During the event you’re so focused on watching the suspect, like tunnel vision, you don’t take your eyes off the guy.

    I’d bet this cop has been taken off the road, I don’t know what kind of treatment they have today, but back in the day, the LEO was put on desk duty, taking reports on the phone & things like that. Sometimes they were transferred to work at the jail, if the LEO is a deputy, that is. They could also work at the Courthouse, but that could only happen after treatment, cause deputies carry there. IDK, but it’s scary to have these people on the road after something like this happens.

  3. You have to wonder if Soros is human. He looks like he's on death's doorstep. I sure wish he'd take that step and take Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab with him.

  4. Had a friend in the Houston PD while coving the rea exist the perp came running out the rear exit straight into him. The both fell back with guns drawn. The both emptied their revolvers while their feet touched sitting on the droe. Less than 10 ft apart! No one was hit!! 12 shots 10 ft apart and no hits!!!

  5. I agree with Trump, two more years with biden will lead to a depression. I bet suicide is all time high and I don't even have to make any research Americans are being discriminated, by holding the economy hostage. All in the name of nature, first by the virus, and then by climate change.

  6. Thank God these police chose not to kill this man. They gave him every chance to live. Even at the end. They may have known him and refused to end his life because his
    Life was worth saving.

  7. Warren has stated that he will not do his job-he needs to lose his job! AZ needs to change their constitution to allow a Governor to suspend any government employee who fails and refuses to do their job. It sounds eerily like CA when they first started their sanctuary state, where they would not follow the law and hold illegals for deportation by ICE.

  8. This prosecutor needs to absolutely not get his job back you need to inundate him send him emails tell him fuck off pack your shit and head out DeSantis must be supported

  9. Hello Robert. Asking for a favor please. The Michigan trial is going on this week for Barry Croft and Adam Fox on the Whitmer Trial. Can you please cover it. The Freemen Report will have details of the case the # to dial in for the Court case. Two of our friends have been released without charges we are hopeful to see the FBI's entrapment exposed once again, in the second trial. Don't allow them to attempt to take the freedom of these men silently.
    God Bless !!!%

  10. I don't like it at all. Best governor ever but the way to remove elected officials is impeachment recall election or felony conviction. Anything else runs counter to the principle of a constitutional sheriff and FL has a few proud ascribers to the notion of the sheriff as the last line of defense against tyranny. I know we wouldnt like it if Governor Katie Hobbs removed SOE Mark Finchem for "deriliction of duty". This is the 3rd time Desantis did this and one was my sheriff.

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