Desk Cages, Human Dog Cones, and Other Coronatarian Paranoia

Not one life will be saved by this:
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  1. We use to have a similar type of desk like those and that is where you went to sit if you couldn't behave in class. Essentially they were part of your punishment by separating you from the rest of the class.

  2. Draconian, is a better word for it. Justified by the medical industry, and of course, psychological medicine. We've turned the public into the new psych ward.

  3. Someone's making a fortune on the masks, the wipes and the bullshit too….
    Nothing like governments forcing everyone to help a few become millionaires overnight…??

  4. Pine trees possess both male and female reproductive structures, or cones.
    Both male and female cones are on the same tree. Typically, the male cones that produce pollen are located on the lower branches of the tree. This is to prevent the pollen from falling on the female cones of the same tree and, thus, promotes fertilization with other pine trees, which enhances genetic variation among trees.

  5. Another great piece of Government help. Back in the 50's during cold war – we used to hide under the school desk if an atomic bomb was dropped nearby. It was a standard drill for students

  6. “If my kid sneezes at school they will get sent home while we are at work and be fucked” but don’t take precautions against transmission because it “looks ridiculous “ and may “remind children of being in a cage” “if a kid is sick they shouldn’t even be at school” but “you can’t tell if they are sick or have allergies to pine trees” are you an expert on disease? Some of these things are ridiculous but should we discourage people from trying different ways to slow transmission? Also what would you suggest the proper course of action should be?

  7. It's not difficult to see home-schooling growing now that more parents work from home. Tis just as easy for a mother to home-school another mothers' and net-work. School's accepted & welcomed as it's been a convenient baby-sitter. When it ceases 2b worth the effort, it won't be the new normal in the 21st century. Its curriculum will be challenged as it'll also school parents.

  8. Styx, I believe the proper leftist term for those cages are “childicles”. The schools are just conditioning them for the cubicle farms they all will be forced to live in once they graduate from their indoctrination detention centers. That’s about all. Peace out.

  9. Just a thought on those parents giving their kids allergy medications now… most of those are used as sleep aids as well, (repackaged). Kids will be tired and likely more complacent. They already do this with other prescription medications. …the meds I was on nearly knocked me out all the time, but the teachers didn't care, I was easier to handle. Just something to think about…

  10. The politicians and MSM are black-pilling all the world's intellectuals. There is no hope or saving grace for those that believe this unscientific ludicrous nonsense. Future-history will not look kindly upon this time.

  11. Did you notice the people cones are made by Coca-Cola, who is so woke they are less worried about tasty beverages and more concerned about putting dog cones on people.

  12. I am in nj. My daughter’s school is full remote until at least mid october. Our gyms might reopen but you have to wear a mask and leave info for contact tracing. Still no indoor dining but Philly is about to reopen so we’ll just go there. Sometimes outdoor dining is great but many restaurants do not have enough shade so you roast, stay shorter amount of time which means less money for the restaurant. At the boardwalk the ride operator stopped the ride because a little boy removed his mask. On the plus side i’ve been working at home since March.

  13. 6:37 One big problem with remote schooling: Kids can just google or bing or etc answers to all their tests and schoolwork…meaning cheating will likely run rampant.

  14. Its a fucking airborne infection. Masknwill stop someone from snotting on you.We all use common air inside buildings, closed systems.If stay safe people hadn't legislated children cant be left alone for more than 10min people wouldnt need daycare.(school)

  15. More than 70% of the public in the United States believe that evolution is a hoax, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that the majority of the public accept the pseudo-scientific nonsense that masks actually work.

  16. These people are bizarre. A pocket full of posies works as well! I think you're right about those long-nosed masks working better! I wish you had a visual of the Corona cones! I hadn't seen that yet!
    How idiotic! It shows some people haven't advanced much, if any, in the last 2000 years, & perhaps some actually regressed?
    Corona cones? Maybe they are afraid someone may bite their stitiches? (BTW, those are used on cats and dogs for even very serious surgeries, like a ruptured bladder and crushed pelvis.. see Gold Shaw Farms' videos re: Lil Barn Cat. She was hit and probably run over by a car. She miraculously survived, drug herself home with these injuries and her owners took her in for surgery that saved her life. A great cause to donate to if you're bored and want to show where the cones are really needed. He has a barn renovation of a hundred year old barn that would be a good cause too and is likely held up now because he cares for his barn cat and put her life above a barn.
    Anyhow!!! I've gotta go look for the human "Cone of Shame" now! I'll check the links. This should be rather amusing!
    All the while it was 120° F in the shade in my area of S. California today, we have more fires raging out of control because the governors Brown and now Speaker Pelosi's nephew, Newsom, think doing controlled burns must have a permit that takes 2-3 years to obtain (even though we need controlled burns every year), as they think controlled burns create "unhealthy air", yet it's f-ing ironic as the air quality from these very hot burns is wonderfully hazardous to our health, so…instead of burning it off regularly, helping the trees that need it, such as sequoias, propogate… they think we should "let it go naturally", which isn't natural at all, as every little fire is generally put out, we have a damp spring, then those plants and grasses from that apring die back and by end of summer, we have the those as kindling to set off the other fuels left from before.
    So… our air quality is horrific, our forests cannot propagate naturally, the fires rage on, and this supposed "natural method" of screwing things up causes massive fires, that destroy property, make the climate hotter (It was 102°F or 49°C!!!) AND these idiots are causing it!
    As with the prior years they've screwed this up, after the fires comes flooding that strips the topsoils, then plants can hardly grow, as the soil left isn't soil but is clay that can take years of importing manures, etc. into the area, then it can take a few years for native and good plants to come back, and then you have fuels ftom the deserty plants that turn to fuels. Microclimates cannot handle this type of extremes well and thus are quickly turned to deserts. Thus we again have extreme desert heats, as we had in the late 1960s that turned into the 1970s firestorms in urban & rural neighborhoods that burned into the cities all over again!
    How many times does someone have to create these mistakes until California turns into a hotter, drier, burnt and mudslid desert?
    We have sh*t for land management here in California!
    Then the pseudo-environmentalists will say that perhaps people shouldn't be living in forests or in the desert, yet they miss the entire point that allowing fuel to build up without it naturally burning in many smaller fires to burn in far hotter, catastrophic fires, topsoil washed away in rainstorms, property damages, and then it changes what can actually grow here, creating a hotter desert climate!
    These idiots are creating "Climate Change" is a bad way.. Worse than ANY uses of fossil fuels could have ever created!
    We have the technology to green up and terraform nearly ANY lands to be what we want them to be, with some limitations of course!
    We know how to manage fuels (dead plant matter), and thus fires to a big extent. We CAN and we used to manage this FAR better, thus people did build to expand cities into what were rural areas!
    Los Angeles was once a dry as a bone desert! Those in charge diverted a river, ran some aqueducts and made Los Angeles what it is today! People aren't living there because of nature! Quite the opposite! Look up the old water projects of 50-80 years ago. Mulholland and others. The dam on the NV-AZ line (which BTW is in need of some upgrading & could use more funding and maintenance).
    Look at the San Francisquito dam break! It was horrible, we learned a LOT about dam engineering and maintenance, yet these governors today ignore the needs of the people and the last few years it has created water shortages and legal wars over water usage ftom the Colorado River, and yet these idiots keep permitting developers (some Chinese, BTW, paying off city councilmen – yep! Over $600k cash, trips, etc. to build yet another highrise in Los Angeles, a death trapfor thrm to rent out to Americans… a part of their BRI aka "Brick and Road Initiative" to destroythe world and control it), to keep building, ignoring fire safety, no helicopter pad, and the councilman was busted, yet are they still going to be allowed to build their CCP death trap? Probably! The CCP members paying off our government officials needs to not only put them in prison for aliowing them to do it, putting them ahead of legitimate, American businesses that DO follow the rules and are building according to some sane rules based on science.
    Lord forbif China has to follow our rules. Hell! They'll just build death traps, take out insurance policies, let them burn, kill Americans, have the insurance pay off, our insursnce rates increase and Lord forbid one of us has a problem, such as a fire, flood, etc.; then we are hassled, sued, intimidated, have to hire a lawyer to even get a fraction of what we insured, then the new building permits to rebuild are horrific and many people cannot afford to permit much less build what we had, so many lose their homes, their jobs when it is a commercial building lost, and when people sell that property, Chinese and sympathizers will buy ip more and more, they'll change the regulations back and in several years, the property values will ho back up, and it will be nice again (yet they could dedtroy it again by screwing it ip again wiyh thrir pseudo-environmentallaws that they push ad 'savingthe environment', which it's actuallydoing quite the opposite, yet young, environmentally conscious people are taught to believe in simple, broad-sweeping policies and laws, yet in the long-run, they make the environment worse, not better.)
    REALLY!?! Cones of shame for people? Now THAT is truly pathetic! Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home and away from others if you're at risk. It can screw you up with some long-term effects if you catch it and get a fairly big biral losd… say from being on a bus, train, jet, etc… any enclosed space basically around strangers isn't a great idea. Have kids learn at home if possible. If mot, keep kids together who actually live close together and/or have parents that work together. Traveling isn't a good idea.
    Remember the lockdowns were to "Slow the spread", NOT to stop it. Containment was lost in January, around the 20th. We can thank China & the WHO fot that.

  17. So how does the COVID sneeze know not to go up in the air? Around the corner? On their sleeve? Actually more coronavirus exists in the public restroom. Kids never flush. Allergies- it's going to be a witch hunt!

  18. It's so fucking dumb man…there has to be some hidden agenda. In Australia they are arresting old ladies sitting on a park bench. This is the precursor to totalitarianism.