Desperate builders beg the RBA to stop

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The consequences of overheating the housing market is starting to be felt and desperate builders are begging the RBA to stop raising interest rates.


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  1. The RBA should only be allowed to raise rates once per quarter. After all the ABS only publishes CPI data once per quarter so the RBA can’t even assess the impact of their rate rises for three months! The ABS should pull its finger out and publish CPI figures monthly like every other first world country!

  2. Just cut the crap and put the interest rate to seven percent and no more rate rises and see how things pan out. This is the kind of thing that effects everybody and not just people with mortgages. Lots of things are going to happen like a property crash along with the prospects of another stock market crash. We might see another depression like the 1930's . My question to you Heise Says , What was the interest rate back then along with the wages and house prices ? Just let me know.

  3. Everything is orchestrated, nothing is happening naturally.
    This is a surreptitiously orchestrated event to the sheeple, but quite obvious to those who take their blinkers off.

  4. RBA must get back to 3.5% guys take responsibility ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️up we go it’s only 1.3% never have we seen this. wake up ☝️😱🧐 I new this would happen 😉😉😉

  5. What a load load of bull dust. “They told me rates wouldn’t go up to 2024, I’m so hard done by”…..

    Unless these people were going to pay off the 20-30 % of their load that they over borrowed in 2 year they were always going to be in trouble

  6. Its not the RBAs fault! Its the war in Russia! All of a sudden our economy and livelihoods depend in those territories there…come on….donate now! Wear the ukaine flag ribbon on your cheat proudly during the day and haggle people into agreeing with you, in sign of solidarity! Donate now sont worry about what happena in Australia!

  7. The sh!t has nowhere near hit the fan.We are still a long long way off.Yes the building industry is always the first to be hit in these sorts of economic clumber fvcks but this country is still having it really good and the general populus is still spending sh!t loads of money regardless wheather it is on the never never.

  8. It's not fair to those who don't have a house or can't afford to get into housing. But the last thing Australia can have is a falling housing market. BAIL OUT inbound.

  9. Signed a contract 20th Dec 2020 house is still not built or finished maybe another 2 weeks contract finish date was 16/02/2022 mentioned liquidated damages to builder and they flat out said good luck!

  10. It's inflation that is causing builders to go bankrupt as their fixed price quote made their profits turned into big losses. Higher interest rates are used to kill inflation that is killing builders. RBA cannot stop until inflation goes away or builders will continue to go bankrupt.

  11. Here, Miss Anja.
    Tissues, Tommy?
    Wealthy builders want to dictate to the RBA not to increase the interest rate…until they are ready to benefit from it.
    …takes tissues and starts weeping uncontrollably…
    …there is a solution Miss.
    Oh good, Tommy. This box of tissues is very small. What's the solution?
    While talking to the RBA, over dinner, remind them that there is also 10.2c that would address the lack of income of the stiffs…er I mean customers. They can then pay for a variation to the contract…it would be like magic.

  12. the WEF, IMF planned destruction of western economies continues in order to Build Back Better for The Great Reset. The RBA and the treasonous, Anal Albo government are following orders, just like the previous traitors Scumo. and co. Stock up on food supplies and basics or join the ration queues with mandated jabs line coming to a state you live in, in the near future

  13. Got a quote today by a unlicensed afgani , 3 wooden windows to be replaced by aluminium. 1 small bathroom and 2 bedroom1.6m wide. $3500+gst. 3 windows and 1 day labour. What you reckon, no licence, 30% cash deposit was also demanded. Showed the idiot the door
    Hope interest rates smash the building industry.

  14. Property price been going up for ten years, bit late trying to fix it. Building for new homes is out of reach for low wage earner. Now inflation, petrol going up, prices going up, big gap between rich and poor. No solution in site! Staff shortage, more immigration, more completing for homes……more problem.

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