Desperate Dems Pin Electoral Hopes On Jan 6 Hearings

The January 6th hearings are underway and, according to the New York Times, Democrats are hoping that the public demonstration of just how loathsome the Republicans who supported the “insurrection” are will turn the tide of public opinion in their favor. Without a strong economy or any tangible legislative gains to point to, it may be their only hope. But will it work?

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss whether average Americans will take much interest in the hearings and the electoral bloodbath shaping up for Democrats come November.

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  1. I couldn't help but laugh the other night here in Australia when one of our MSM networks {channel 9} reported negatively about fox because they didn't show the farce hearings and accused them of being a far right network whilst displaying Tucker Carlson with Tulsi Gabbard. Our media is also falsely and consistently accusing moderates and some on the left of being right winged extremist if they disagree with certain agendas they push. Its all one big joke.

  2. The Dems have brought us to this take over by our own American Nazis, the Republican party, by being bought off, complacent, and ignoring us, their base. This is how all democracies who have grown complacent and refuse to recognize the revolutionary nature of the right wing threat at their door, Germany, Italy, Hungary – Kissinger did his thesis on it. That does not change the fact that the Trump worshipers are worse, taking us out of our nuclear weapons and environmental treaties. As dumb and stupid as Biden is pushing us into conflict w Russia in Ukraine with sanctions that hurt us, etc. the Trump cult Republican Party is a bigger risk, if not equal risk with nuclear weapons, it's certainly straight off the cliff with global warming.  
    So Jimmy and Jackson, is selling this it's cool not to think the insurrection was a big deal and it's cool not to watch the hearings, a smart thing to do? First of all, it's wrong. The insurrection leading to Jan 6 and the one going on now is a big deal, and we should fight this authoritarian take over even harder than we fight the corruption of both parties. If you need to be simple about this, it's Democrats are bad but Republicans are worse, so we need to all get active and make our government what we want. Give up and you get what you deserve.

  3. You, Jimmy Dore, would have been a 100% better Jan 6th inquisitor then anyone in government. No shit, don't pass go, don't collect 100$, better than anyone.

  4. Gas is above $5/gallon (and climbing to $6/gal), food is double-digit inflation when it can be found, baby formula cannot be found at any price, rent and housing costs are unaffordable, wages are not keeping up with inflation, and home energy costs are more than double last year. But where are the Democrats focusing their election message? Jan 6th and abortion. REALLY?!
    Good luck with that losers!

  5. We are a Republic…not a Democracy. That's probably why they keep saying it, because they hope it will just convince the youth we are a Democracy.
    "And to the Republic"…but they stopped the morning Pledge in most schools.

  6. The Dems are NOT "desperate", yes they got to make it LOOK LIKE they want to win but you forget it's ONE party. This is the way it ALWAYS goes. The dems get in, F it up, the Repubs get in , they F it up, the dems get in….and so on and so on and so on. All part of THEIR…PARTY. Ohhhh? they're going to have "hearings"? Just another way of LOOKING like they're working but in REALITY they're just putting in TIME, the TIME it takes to get PAID. Another 6-8 months of blah, blah, blahing and in the end NOTHING gets accomplished. Well , NOBODY seems to be talking about that INSIDER TRADING anymore hmmmm? That's an….accomplishment.

  7. San Francisco just recalled their district attorney who is soft on crime. Democrats believe they’re entitled to power via fraudulent moral superiority, thus they don’t understand messaging or having an actual plan.

  8. Hey, Jimmy, isn't it possible that the 1/6 hearings have a dual, mutually exclusive benefit? Maybe – just maybe – the Dems might receive a political boost from making the public aware of how close we came to a Republican coup and the overthrow of democracy. If the Dems benefit from that and the net result is that Trumpist Republicans running for Congress and the Senate are defeated and Trump is eliminated as a 2024 POTUS candidate, then what the hell might be bad about that? It seems to me that lately Jimmy has gone over the top in excoriating Dems (well deserved I might add) while letting the serious, anti-democracy, white supremacist crap that Republicans are pulling all over America off the hook. Guess what, Jimmy? Until the People's Party or some other progressive third party is viable enough and positioned to actually take power away from the two legacy parties (which I would fully support), the Dems, for all their BS and faults and corruption, are still the lesser of two evils. And when it comes to abortion, civil rights, gun control and other wedge issues, the lesser of two evils is still the better option than evil itself.

  9. What about May 29 insurrection? The president security gate was on fire , Trump was evacuated 😲did they create a investigation? No they called him Bunker boy. So only one side gets held accountable 🤔

  10. I'll sum it up the theme of this video: this is WWE fugAze, Uniparty style. The Democratic party is purposely throwing the elections to their twin like they're supposed to instead of doing anything for the American people besides taking our taxes and enriching their corporate overlords and letting the crumbs fall in their pockets like always. The sole goal of the uniparty is help thyself and thy masters period, End of story.

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