Desperate EU Ambassadors Beg China For Partnership

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Desperate EU Ambassadors Beg China For Partnership

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


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  2. I do understand you need to take a walk each day, or get fit in some way if you need to, and I do like your daily reports keeping us all up to date. But this idea that you can walk around carrying a camera and speaking randomly as you walk is so totally offputting. Do one, or the other, get fit and walk, or present from your script with a uniform background. But not both. I cannot stay focused on the things you say when there is so much happening on screen around you.
    I don't know if you are a celebrity, a I do not inhabit Facebook and Twitter, both being meaningless echo chambers used to distribute advertising the end user pays for, but I do agree with your viewpoint on many topics you raise. I agree there should be a Full Stop to immigration while we are in crisis, I agree those delivering and making food and supplies should be given any help they need, but I disagree with the Police finding the freedom to arrest people and issue fines when No Law has been broken. Mahyar, enjoy your fitness, but deliver your scripted daily with the measured approach you use and with the topics you explore while walking.

  3. The psychological game play is in full swing. Before this virus, nobody in their right mind would want to live under the CCP system with its utter disregard for human rights and democracy. By the the time this plandemic is over, people are expected to be conditioned not just to be thankful but adjusted to living under totalitarian order in an authoritarian, supranationally governed, surveillance state.

  4. We could make most things here in the uk by using pensioners who (some) would jump at the chance of a bit of homework why buy from China we have the work power here,also the prisons could do some work as part of their crime,

  5. The EU is the same as China an Unelected quango. AS we speak people in The EU are queuing at chemists buying KY jell so they can bend over for Chinese to bang them.

  6. It's pretty sad that countries are still willing to deal with China after what they've done. I've lost confidence in Boris because of his Huawei deal.

  7. The only reason she was "working" there was to try score some brownie points! She has had no training in as a carer/support worker/nurse. She is a typical example of a self glorifying new labour! Devious, obfusticating, dishonest and opinionated with delusions of grandeur. Lets see what labour do about it.,,,

  8. He wasn't a policy Officer he was a plastic Policy Officer (community cop).We refuse to be ordered about ,they can advise and we can cooperate if we decide to..