Destroying the vulnerable in order to save them.

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Betty Pezzimenti runs her own food truck and catering business. She is facing a vaccine mandate with which she can not comply for health reasons, and from which she cannot seem to get an exemption.

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  1. Here in Canada in the province of Alberta, the College of Physicians and Surgeons has sent a threatening letter to doctors, prohibiting them from granting any exemption under any circumstances, even to those with neurological injuries from previous vaccines, or the first dose of the CV vaccine or anaphylaxis reaction to the any vaccine or other allergens. The only precaution recommended in these cases was to monitor the “ patient” for a longer period of time after the shot before sending them home 🤬 it is beyond dystopian

  2. Sounds like my daughter. Everytime she has had vaccines or any injection she ends up on the hospital sick with severe Asthma on top of her poor immune system. She even had birth control that was to last 3 months and 2 days later had hives (welts) all over her body her is was from soy which is estrogen and went threw hell counteracting it.

  3. Those who said anaphylaxis was 'not that bad' are typical of a large swathe of people who have soaked-up the propaganda so fully that they are duty-bound to defend the cult at all costs.
    Just last night I was speaking to a young French bloke in my local in UK. He was a bit upset that he had just phoned his Mum to inform her his planned trip home for Christmas was not going to happen (UK now being ushered back into lockdown due to the 'Super Mutant' Omicron)
    In the same conversation he berated me for refusing to be jabbed. It proved, he said, that I did not care about others.
    When I asked him what part in all this was being played by our natural immune systems he very swiftly told me that it does not exist, he does not believe in it. His girlfriend seemed to be in agreement with all this.
    All I could do was shake my head.

  4. In the Uk I’ve been told by my employer, I will need to get medical exemption…… why on earth should we even have to try this route……

    Bless this woman, another crazy unbelievable state of affairs

  5. I’m in Australia and they took 3 weeks to grant my temporary medical exemption (due to acute illness). When I rang the guy also said he could see it in the queue, and he actually was kind enough to go and ask his supervisor if he could process it then and there. He was told no, and then it took a week longer. They did grant it though.

    I finally got the first vaccination, but now my boss tells me that I can’t work until from December 1st because of the mandates until i get the second vaccine. He had originally said showing a booked appointment for my second was sufficient, but then he was told no by head office. But I only got the first one two days ago, so I can’t medical get one for another 19 days. That means most of December will be gone – our busiest period at work. This is bureaucracy gone mad

  6. We elected a "liberal" candidate to replace an "authoritarian" president, and resulted in a terrible trade off: a fascist, tyrannical administration working for big pharma with the complicity of the most hypocritical mainstream and social media, which not only promotes the terror campaign but censors scientists and doctors speaking the truth

  7. I’m an American who has lived in Australia for 40 years-half my life. Australian Bureaucracy is different than American Bureaucracy and this resistance seems familiar in its style. To be fair I have had experiences with Australian Bureaucracy that are very positive. From what I see here Australians are noticeably more compliant with governments than Americans – the demonisation of people refusing the vaccination seems to very strong here. I hear from someone with inside information on compliance within the Western Australian health department the government thought they would get 2% non compliance But got .01%. I have no idea if this is accurate, but they really are pushing for 100% compliance in many areas. So this apparent refusing to grant exemptions seems like part of this numbly coercive approach. As you said elsewhere I think Australians are well and truly hypnotised. Personally I’ve had two AstraZeneca shots with no noticeable side effects. Not even a sore arm. Im glad It was made available because of my age and co-morbidities .

  8. It's impossible to get an exemption in Australia, that is by design of the corrupt governments and big pharma (and the Blackrocks of the world)

  9. That's right, Australia doesn't give exemptions, doctors that do or try have been raided. It's mindless and out of control. I had no choice but get 1st injection today or else no food for family.

  10. I've heard that explaining to narcissists until we are blue in the face is something we eventually learn is of no benefit. Just say no, I'm not having the vaccine, thanks

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