Destruction of nations and individual rights by global treaties (Brian Peckford & Bret Weinstein)

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Bret speaks with Brian Peckford, who is taking the Canadian Federal government to court over COVID vaccine travel restrictions that he believes break the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a document similar to the US Bill of Rights, which Brian drafted and signed.

Brian Peckford started his career as an educator, then served as the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador for nearly a decade. He is also an author, former minister, and notable member of the PC Party in Canada.


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  1. I see it differently. What I see is that there were some people here who were supposed to help me and they didn't. And now God is punishing them. And God is just getting warmed up. And they are going to know my pain and suffering. And then they will think and feel the exact same way that I do and then they will understand why I am the way that I am. 1 Chronicles 16:27.

  2. But you're not seeing it from my perspective. The people who did me wrong have it too good here and they need to suffer for it. And none of them stood up for any of the things that I stood up for and believed in. And so they do not have a right to any of that. And so the enemy of my enemy is my friend Amen. I tried forgiveness and compassion and understanding and it doesn't work here so I'm not going to do that anymore.

  3. Globalism is the nemesis of sovereign states!

    By the powers that be, like other fundamental things(natural immunity etc) the Sovereignty will also be redefined as being a "member" of a "Group".
    Of course the "Group" will be founded & led by bullies/power players, creating peer pressure for smaller nations to become members or face annihilation (mostly indirectly).

    So, i don't believe in any kind of international group creation except for the cultural exchange purposes within the host nations. Must not get cultural exchange mixed up with knowledge exchange. Social norms and morals & values create a Cultural material or coefficient of nations.

  4. In the English country's, all the nation's that have a close ties
    With England. Seem to have a much harder time with people's
    rights. It seems that our Government stile with states right's
    seem to be helping us a little. But our government in the U.S.
    has been so taken over I.E. has become so crupeted in every
    way. At least here in the U.S. people can not get a grasp of the
    scale of the sensation.
    If this ever ends I think the English country's will need to put in place some need rule of law so this will never happen again.

  5. At least one good thing came from Covid. I believe it "red pilled" you pretty good Brett. Keep up the good work sir. Spread the word far and wide and across the political spectrum. Don't think in terms of left and right but rather authoritarian/globalist vs individual and preferable individual sovereignty abscent the State.

  6. Those that have learned from history are the ones that are using the lessons to corrupt and control individual freedom. The sheeple are not even aware of the battle, let alone involved in it or informed by history.

  7. Here's the thing. In order to be a sovereign Nation means that you must have borders and for those borders to mean something for security. The Democrats used to be for a secure border or at least talked the talked, while walking the walk was always their problem. Now they don't even talk the talk.

  8. Biofascist authoritarianism is unacceptable. It disrespects medical ethics & is driven by the desire for profits. The Pandemic Industrial Complex uses disease as a pretext for control & profiteering. The fools running the WHO need to Grow up & stop being greedy. 👊

  9. Why do you call the WEF, George Sorros, Bill Gates, NATO, the EU, the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, all big media and dozens more co-conspirators moving towards a one world government, which was a pre agreed arrangement made decades ago… why are they the unnamed perpetrators…. name them, be fully honest. The Covid nonsense is not the main issue it’s just the Fauci created catalyst. When I listen to you talking about not learning from history, … what’s happening is not a collection of accidents leading to a bad outcome…. the current situation is going exactly to plan with many adjustments being made along the way to allow for the twists and turns… the world Genocide has been engineered and is a work in progress, a huge combination of events from the vaccines with their immediate and long term side effects, the pushing of 5G regardless of the enormous risks associated, project BlueBeam, the constant propaganda about so many issues including earth close calls with meteorites, America and its BS Alien nonsense, America and its military Spaceforce…. , weather manipulation and HARP…. the list is bloody endless. But change will come and the world population will be decimated, the cash money will go, the control and slavery will be here until the world wakes up and fights back…. but I won’t hold my breath because people on the whole are brainwashed téléphone and TV addicted fools unable to realise that actually they didnt receive any training at school on the subjects of Critical Thinking and situational awareness, to say the average person is clueless is an understatement, I mean for goodness sake the current generation of students and school leavers are wondering what fucking ‘pronoun’ to use… God help us because they won’t… they can’t !

  10. The EU is a bad construct, I agree. Together with NATO, they've tried failed actually the predominance of the USA in the zone and the increasing confrontation with our European neightbours. From impoverished and sovereignty deprived Spain 😡

  11. I am sorry, I missed who the 5 i’s is/are? It is obviously not set up to benefit the plain old citizens. The elites must have thought this shit up. Well, the time is coming where by the plain ole citizens are going to kick the shit out of the elites. Right this instant, millions of aliens are invading our country. Why? So that the illegal criminals will be given citizenship and expected to vote for the Democrats.

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