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  1. This thing about ‘not fitting in’ everyone feels that, it’s just some project it onto an external issue i.e. trans. It’s not having cultural practices that ‘bring people in’ which is the real problem i.e. going church etc.

  2. …call me incorrigibly cynical, but I’m not entirely sure I trust the veracity of a report on transgenderism when it’s commissioned by an organisation called the ‘National Centre for Transgender Equality’…

    Indeed it’s the equivalent of a tobacco company publishing a study that finds absolutely no medical link between smoking and lung cancer. 😉

  3. You know, as much as I used to be heavily in the 'live and let live' camp, the more I deep dive into these stories, the more sickened I become. I've recently stumbled on the backstory to someone on Twitter on Kiwifarms, without naming names, who loves Transformers toys and begging for money to buy them.

    It was through this that I learnt 'eggs' were a thing. Not only that, but 'cracking eggs' is something which appears to be fairly popular on Twitter and other social media like this. And it's exactly what it sounds like – people who've transitioned, even ones currently regretting it, actively grooming and encouraging others to get the surgery. Not even because of 'dysphoria', but other benefits – how the sex is better, how you'll meet so many hot girls, etc. This seems to come heavily from the MtF sections of Twitter.

    Just the further it goes down, the more it looks less like a lifestyle choice, and cope for scared, unsuccessful men to escape their life and find a better one. ISIS bombers get rid of themselves to get their virgins in the afterlife, schoolkids on Twitter are told that it's not that they suck with women – they ARE women! And look at all this 'lesbian sex' with 'hot girls' you'll get if you just admit you're a woman and cut off your privates.

  4. When I was in secondary school I suffered from a lot of things including anxiety and depression, loneliness and low self-esteem.

    Though the ideas were not pushed upon me by the school itself, the internet did that part, I too fell into the mindset of self-escape that was mentioned in some of the posts discussed.

    The school did not try and push back or get me actual mental help (which they had previously done by sending me for anger management, when my outbursts had been due to bullying instead) and they instead wanted to "support" me going forwards.

    Luckily my mother, a single parent, on many occasions would sit and discuss with me to try and find out what I really wanted. No shouting, no coercion, no planting of ideas instead she listened and challenged me when I didn't have an answer.

    Now I am in university, I never did get any hormonal "therapy" or any bits added or cut off, instead I learned to love myself for who I am.

    I am a 20 year old bisexual man, with possible asperges syndrome (never got that one diagnosed officially, because I don't really care to have a bit of paper that says so), I like powermetal, I like martial arts and historic weaponry, I am learning to create video games, and I am an actual goth (not these shitty internet posers).

    I am me and that was almost taken away by ideological indoctrination when I was at my most vulnerable.

    I will never forget what could have a happened to me in my youth, and it pains me to watch as it happens to so many others in the world.

  5. Look on the bright side, with all these children being transitioned by their public school staff at least they'll be incapable of making carbon producing babies in the future. This is great for the climate and the sustainability and development agenda!

  6. Just over here in America waiting for gender activists to blame patriarchy and misogyny for the fact that young girls want to transition to male. BLAH BLAH BALH the societal norms that elevate men over women are directly responsible for all of this BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  7. By not naming the bill the left who we all know wouldnt read it ……would pick it up and run with it and do what theyve done and now a lot more people know about the bill and agree with it.

    Had they named it something aggressive, the left wouldve been able to easily ignore it. While still not reading it.

  8. I am actually a victim of this, let me tell my tale, I am optimus prime, and it took me ages to transform in to a truck, but a piece broke and I can't ever turn back in the the robot mode, if I knew this I never would have wanted to transform in to a truck 💔

  9. “The Anime to trans pipeline is real”

    No but there are alot do Leftists who watch anime chances are her friends might’ve been Uber leftists and pressured her so leave anime out for this!

  10. What the fuck is wrong with kids that they’re still giving a shit about “fitting in” at 18? By that age, you’re going to college or starting your career. The last thing you give a fuck about is “fitting in..

  11. Back in the 90s we swore by the Goth lifestyle. We told our parents – "This is me" and said it would be so forever. Cut to today. 90% of us grew out of it. God forbid we had those getups surgically implanted on us forever! We would have killed ourselves. Just like these people. Who we are when teens is not who we will be later.

  12. I can confidently say Gamer/Anime fans in general aren't into this sort of shit, the whole "gatekeeping is good" thing started because of these groups noticing the weirdos trying to co-opt their hobbies, that first story @ around 2:30 sounds exactly like why gatekeeping started. the ppl that got her into this are just weirdos that also happen to be these things.

    Don't want another "violence and video games" situation, that was simply annoying.

  13. My children are autistic, I have a boy and a girl. Even my daughter is only 4 she's twice the size of the other girls in her class at school and likes playing in mud and with rugby balls. But no way would I ever believe that she is a boy trapped in a girl's body.

  14. How about we start calling "gender transition" gender conversion. It means basically the same thing and in fact is more accurate to the process described. The entire point of the hormone treatments and surgeries is to attempt to convert a boy/man into a girl/woman and vice versa. Technically with this definition of gender conversion affirmative care can be accurately described as a type of conversion therapy.

  15. Thanks for covering these topics; as a mother to a seven year old girl I'm bloody terrified of this nonsense. She's not online and I don't own a tv but the thought that she could be corralled by friends/teachers worries me greatly.
    Thank goodness that we're starting to see a real pushback and we've got Keira Bell to thank for that. Kudos to that lady for taking it to court to give some legal precedence and also for being so vocal, which has probably caused her no end of harassment. She deserves a medal.

  16. As a victim of CSA when I reached my teenage years I hated myself, I would self harm and was very suicidal. I would hide myself in baggy male clothes at times I'd wish I was male, the things that happened to me wouldn't have happened if I was. Im glad trans wasn't a thing during that time because I'm sure I'd have gone down that path myself hatred was that bad.

  17. It isn't the "don't say gay" bill, its the parental rights in education bill. The reason everyone knows its incorrect title is because that's how the media has been presenting it without push back.

  18. it's not about "not being feminine enough" they're actually trying to escape any semblance of femininity because of the girls sexualization culture (that some women are doing their most to propagate these days) I have gone through the 2008 version of it, when I just appeared very what's called now "gender neutral". If the gender cult was in place back then somebody would've tried to lure me in.

  19. Its part of being a child.
    When I was a child I could play make-believe and it seemed real.

    As an adult , I cant do that anymore.
    I have to deal with reality even when I dont want to.

    What happens to de-trans isn't transphobia , they simply grew up and couldnt play pretend anymore , they have to live in the real world now and deal with the consequences.

    Hormone therapy and surgery on minors is child abuse.

  20. I know a lot of transgender people and they are the happiest after transitioning. so thats my 2 cents i must admit you guys are not the right people to talk about this topic. 🤔

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