Devastating Evidence of Election Fraud, 3382

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  1. Nonsense! Every accusation of alleged election fraud has already been exposed as false or a lie already xx times by fact checks.
    When you go to court, you need proved concrete evidences – instead of false/wrong affidavits, "misunderstandings of counting process" or baseless conspiracy nonsense!
    Even Trump´s own "National Security Group" PLUS all (!) Republican election directors PLUS Attorney General Barr explained: "NO EVIDENCE" for any fraud!
    Trump already lost all (!!!) election lawsuits, because even 33 days (!) after election there is no concrete evidence for any relevant election fraud.

  2. Some people are making the argument that so it wasn't enough votes to change the election. I don't give a f if it was enough votes or not, if they illegally gave one vote to Joe Biden then the whole election needs to be thrown out!!!!!

  3. How much evidence is needed to stop this election charade from continuing, those of us who care about this country and the truth passed that threshold weeks ago. Are there not enough uncorrupted people running this country to stop it, it sure appears that way.

  4. Questions to ask…Who had these cameras installed? Next q is…How did the good guys get the replays? Did they have FISA's to do so? Did the good guys have a direct feed into the Eisenhower Building on election night onwards??? Me thinks they have a LOT more than the evidence these shennanigans show…

  5. There is also evidence of electronic switching of votes from Pres. Trump to Joe Biden during the counting of votes shown live on TV. Watch this:

    And the Marxist Democrats and the corrupt mainstream media still claim that there is no evidence of widespread fraud and irregularities in the November 3rd election?? They just can't handle the TRUTH.

  6. If the DHS, DOJ & FBI were up to the task, they would have investigated the thumb drives used to program Philadelphia voting machines that were reportedly stolen from a City Election Commission warehouse, along with the laptop of an employee from the machines’ manufacturer ES&S, on October 1, 2020. Those thumb drives and laptop could have been used by hacker criminals who could have hacked into those voting machines that enabled them to "switch" votes from Pres. Trump to Joe Biden or alter the vote counts remotely, as lately claimed by Pres. Trump's Legal Team and US Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.

  7. This obviously rigged November 3rd election is part and parcel of the continuing COUP against Pres. Trump that started on January 4, 2017 during a meeting in the White House Oval Office, with Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey, Sally Yates, and Susan Rice attending. If the DOJ & FBI are hesitating or refusing to indict and prosecute these COUP plotters, Pres. Trump has the power and authority as Commander-in-Chief to bring in the Military Police and arrest these seditious and treasonous traitors and prosecute them in Military Tribunals for staging a COUP against a duly elected POTUS, in coordination with the conniving mainstream media and Big Tech oligarchs. We, the people, have Pres. Trump's back! Patriots Fight! ??????

  8. This channel has developed hemorrhoids. Probably paid hemorrhoids, which means it's getting to someone as a good source of information they want to shut down. Truth is death to their propaganda. They can't abide it.

  9. It would appear that the weak link in the chain has been found. Watch and see if an attempt isn't made to prosecute whoever owned the video equipment and released its footage.

  10. Jesus tells us to walk the walk in Matthew 7:21–23, -“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

    BIBLICAL – Even those who reject everything written in the Bible should be intrigued by the similarities of current events with Bible prophesy. REVELATIONS 2020 – Biden is the image of the Beast ridden by Harris. The Book of Revelations is basically about the anti-Christ, the beasts, and the great whore who start Armageddon. In Antiquity, the term Beast was used to describe corrupt, despotic, unjust, immoral governments such as the Roman Empire. Revelations describes the image of the beast given a tongue to speak. Biden speaks for the corrupt US deep state beast. Biden is the image of the Beast, in human form. A second beast in Revelations is often translated to dragon. Dragon has been the symbol of the Chinese empire for thousands of years. The CCP China Dragon Beast escalated 666 social controls in recent years. Revelations characterizes the Beast as spreading lies and deceit which is also a defining feature of CCP propaganda. US fake news big tech spread biased lies exactly like state run propaganda in China. US Fake News Media and Globalist Industrial Complex Oligarchs who own them are the many heads of the Beast. CNN, MSN, PBS, Google, Twitter, etc are the many heads of the beast

    Mark of the Beast- … relates to what we believe in our mind and what we do with our hands, about giving …your head and your hand … your volition and your action to this Anti-Christ. The CCP China Dragon Beast rewards those that help, accept, and spread the lies of the CCP China Dragon Beast, and punishes those who do not. Eg. bank accounts of Hong Kongers that criticized the CCP. In China it is impossible to work, buy or sell without CCP approval. Nano Chip tracking will allow the Beast to restrict work, travel, buying, selling, or access to any thing that may be locked.

    666: so that no-one could buy or sell unless he had the mark- the name of the beast or the number of its name. Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast … 42 USC 666 is the law that requires states to collect social security data and allows the Beast to freeze and seize bank accounts, paychecks, licenses, etc of individuals who resist the beast. Ostensibly, 42 USC 666 purported to save children from deadbeat dads, allowing courts to reach into the pockets and bank accounts, paychecks, and other assets or income of fathers. 42 USC 666 expanded to allow corrupt courts of the Beast to seize virtually any income or assets or licenses, to prevent buying and selling, of virtually anyone targeted by corrupt Beast courts. USC stands for United States Code, better known as Title. The numerical value of the word title = 66 (20+9+20+12+5) and 4+2 = 6. Hence 42 USC 666, Title 42 666, calculates to 666 666. 42 USC 666 laws came with Beast laws to destroy marriage and family by removing men and fathers. 42 USC 666 reflects radical feminist slogans like – children need a father, like fish need a bicycle. 42 USC 666 is a tool to destroy marriage and family, thru massive VAWA funding to mothers that remove fathers from the family. [No funding for family with father]. Joe Biden is the originator, author, champion, founder, and poster boy for VAWA, the most onerous Beast 666 laws. VAWA and 666 laws are essentially Biden's laws. It is his number. Biden is the image of the Beast, the tongue that speaks for the Beast. 2020 divided by 666 is the number to text Biden's 2020 election campaign.

    Armageddon -The CCP Dragon Beast is racing toward WW3 Armageddon with US. US Deep State beast supports BLM, Antifa, fake news race riots that are a 5th column insurgency of subversive agitators. US Subversive insurrections are a seamless escalation of the ongoing Cold War with 666 Orwellian despotic CCP China Dragon Beast, rapidly escalating to a kinetic WW3 Armageddon. Race riots are classic Marxist and Sun Tzu strategy. Covid 19 allows China to 'attack everywhere' and plausibly deny intent, and avert US military retaliation to an overt bio-warfare attack. The CCP China Dragon Beast pushes war, conflict, and attacks on US just up to, but not overtly past, the murkey boundary defining kinetic war. COVID 19 has the economic and strategic military effect of sinking hundreds of US aircraft carriers, the cost to the US of Covid 19 exceeds the cost of 100 aircraft carriers, fully fit out. Covid 19 was cultivated in a Chinese bio-weapons lab. China actively concealed the existence and release of Covid 19, for months, while China selectively spread the pandemic to US and globally. US Deep State Fake News Big Tech hides and conceals CCP Covid 19 BioWeapon Lab origins while perpetuating a debunked story about a nearby seafood market. Covid 19 is a severe new medical condition, exceeding the Flu, hysterically exaggerated for 2020 election fraud, and to sabotage the US economy. Deep State Fake News Tech ignoring corruption between Biden and China, Russia, Iran while fabricating fake Trump Russia collusion disinformation, is clearly Orwellian gaslighting dystopia. The US Deep State Beast and the CCP China dragon beast oppose restoring US based manufacturing supply lines, which is the only hope for the free world to repel the CCP China Dragon Beast. Trump threatens US Deep State Globalist and CCP Beasts because Trump promises to restore US manufacturing and thwart CCP Dragon plans to conquer the world under a despotic genocidal Orwellian regime. Trump disrupts China based manufacturing profit centers of the globalist industrial complex oligarchs that control the US deep state Beast thru the fake news media outlets that they own and control.

    A woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, .. arrayed in purple ….upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.- Biden Beast laws 42 USC 666 VAWA destroys families, and creates fatherless children. Biden 666 funded mothers are harlots, in some circles. Biden promised LGBTQ Equality Act will be FIRST thing done as president. Babylon references extremely immoral evil society, like Sodom and Gomorrah, which is what the Beast is turning US into. Purple is now symbolic of equality, discrimination, equal rights, including fake Marxist systemic racism rhetoric of CCP subversives like Antifa. A veil is a concealing cover of cloth, something that hides or obscures. Harris rose to the top of the deep state beast by exploiting fake purple Marxist critical racist dogma of the beast.