Developing: FDA Limits Use Of J&J COVID Vaccine Amid Fears Of BLOOD CLOTS

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky react to the FDA limiting the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to blood clotting concerns

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  1. Limiting use…
    AFTER forcing hundreds of millions of people to take it or face legal, financial or employment ramifications.

    J&J baby powder contained asbestos… is anyone at all surprised the rushed vaccine has issues?

  2. What about a person who previously had blood clots and a family history. And that person herd of the risk of blood clots with the j&j vaccine. And also didn't want to risk the side effects of the other covid vaccines who chose to forgo the vaccines add take thier chances with the disease. A person who got Delta then omicron and made it through and is now thriving. Is that person still a selfish idiot? Asking for a friend.

  3. Heads should literally roll for the decisions made during the pandemic by some media and government people.

    Examples must be set.

    The next major health emergency is likely to be much much worse than covid and humanity cannot afford to have people in these positions who will act out of ego or greed.

  4. Why would you hope your friends and family are vaccinated? Unless they are at a high risk from covid? If that is the case then yes they probably should have gotten vaccinated against alpha and delta. But if they aren't in a high risk category then there oddsare very good that they would be fine. However we don't know what the long term effects of these vaccines could be. If you develop Pericarditis 5 years from now is it related? And even if it is you can't sue. The drug companies are indemnified.

  5. I have an autoimmune disorder that was diagnosed after getting Pfizer. I'm still waiting for financial assistance a year later. I'm disabled… used to be fairly healthy before Pfizer ☹️

  6. There is research coming out now that suggests that even with the blood clots j&j has fewer following ailments than Pfizer and Moderna. The point is the facts are still coming in for all of the covid vaccines.

  7. No one can prove to me that vaccination saved lives, more people died with covid after 50% of America got vacinated then died when there was no vacination.

    There is no proof.

  8. In 2002 the US Government held a Congressional Hearing on 'The Safety of Vaccines and Autism'.
    The National Institute of Health at the time conformed the official incidence of Autism was 1 in 250 infants born.
    It was highlighted at the time, that if Research Efforts were not seriously undertaken to work towards the proper underlying issues relating to the development of this Disorder , in the years to come the Incidence could reach 1 in 25 infants born.
    Well according to a recently published UK Government Report on school age children in Northern Ireland the official incidence of Autism is now at 4.2%, or just under 1 in 25 infants born. So you see, the whole controversial association of Vaccine administration with negative Health outcome is certainly nothing New. Its just now, its starting to Openly Effect 'Healthy People'.
    The 'Pendulum' has Swung Too Far! . . .
    It's the longterm accumulative viral/ toxic degenerative Health effects of multiple Vaccine administration which is the real concern here. And Not just the use of this 1 product. The World is finally Waking-Up to this very Disturbing & Shocking Reality .

  9. I was hospitalized after getting the JnJ. My heart slowed to 37 beats per minute, thought I was gonna die. I'm over 50, have no medical conditions, and take no medications and haven't taken any flu shot in 8 years. I was around many sick and dying Covid patients at the hospital for tge past 2 years but have yet to test positive. I had to leave my position at the hospital because I was being ordered to boost but fear a similar bad reaction or worse than the first shot. My health and survival is vital to be able to provide for my family so I basically eat 1 meal a day before noon and try to exercise 4-5 days a week.

  10. I experienced all of it. I consumed probably over 3000 hours of lies, tales, and exaggerations. First I weaned off cable news to explore the great wide "shutter to think" web. Wow, and I continue with so much more illumination.
    I chose to not vaccinate, nor did I ever show a symptom. Not one test either. I complied when necessary, adopted my 1st dog, and realized my greatest asset is in the ability to let go of everyone. There were some moments but in all this mess I treasure my close encounters of a paw paw kind.
    Insane Emily, I have revisited last July in all it's gaslit glory.

  11. The Amish didn't take vaccines and they let covid rip. They didn't have any higher death rate than previous years. So what do you think we can learn from this?

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