DFA Live Q&A David Llewelln-Smith: Fixing Energy Now

Join us for a live discussion about the current state of economics and politics, with a focus on the busted energy markets with David Llewelln-Smith Chief Strategist at @NucleusWealth and founding publisher and editor for @Macro_business. You can ask a question live.

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  1. That was very informative tonight Martin and I will write to my MP about these strategies. Hopefully MSM will take the blinkers off David before these fools steer the public down the toilet. I have no doubt Albo will drive us into recession and blame the invisible man.

  2. I can already see the Gas cartel mounting a “Carbon Tax Style” propaganda campaign to force out Labor from office by next election, when they really get in the way of the profits from International Nat Gas sales by diverting product into the domestic reservation for AUS usage.

  3. Thank you Martin! This why I love your's so eye opening and great that your guest was able to add to your huge portfolio on the financial side of how our country works. I cannot believe the situation it's in when as you said, with the stroke of a pen, it could be fixed. To me it resembles how the standover guys in the movies behave, but I don't see any brainstorming either in our politicians to rectify it. Unless the politicians are only in their positions because they do what's best for business corporations which would have me conclude it's all corrupt. Excellent to see sensible minds discussing important topics with a twist of humour.

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