DFA Live Q&A HD Replay Damien Klassen: Investing Now

This is an edited version of our latest live discussion about the current state of the financial markets with Damien Klassen Head of Investments at Walk The World Funds and Nucleus Wealth. Included live questions from the audience.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

Written by Walk The World


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  1. I wonder if its time the citizens should get organized and declare a energy bill payment strike…..?????


    Who is up for it… We need a critical mass as to avoid late fee repercussions….. Etc
    Oh thats right…. Utilities unlike telstra and the banks are not allowed to charge late fees…..??????

    Oh thats right they hide their late fees in their "pay on time" discounts……


  2. Like energy and food being global, the financial markets are the same, there is little the rba or treasury can do that to create the perception by pretending to steer the wheel on the self driving bus.

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