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The Intercept obtains new documents that contain emails and minute entries from CISA meetings, where bureacrats and big tech executive discuss censoring “misinformation.” CNN reveals DHS is warning questioning American Elections can lead to violence and Rep. Jim Jordan reminds Americans these agencies are being weaponized against them.

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  1. ALL this censorship, this real collution among big teck and the three letter agencies, to control the outcome of elections, at the behest of a hand full of world leaders: IS the domestic terrorism, hidden under the 'guise of democracy' that our founding fathers gave us our second amendment, to extracate ourselves from.

  2. Former secretary of the press, Peppermint Patty, clearly told the entire population that this was happening. Months ago. And even then, the adults already knew.

  3. Love the pronouns stuff. Helps to keep a breast on who's who and, what's what in some queer cases.
    Such warm friendly inter-dpt. chatter about cooking the books to deceive deplorables.

  4. The violence they are speaking about is the TRUTH. These Left Wing Satanic people are afraid of the TRUTH OF GOD!
    When you are so corrupt and evil anything spoken by God is terrifying. It is like they know Hell sits on their doorstep and they do not want to hear it!
    So any decent moral person, any honest truthful person is a threat to the corrupt evil Satan agenda.
    All of these people are on their way to hell because they defy God and will not repent!

  5. You see! Evil accuses others of what they do! They are liars and deceivers just like Jesus described them. Jesus said; "You are the people of Satan. He was a liar and deceiver from the beginning". You live and speak what is evil and call it good. Then you accuse the good people of evil.
    Talk, talk, talk, words, words, words, lies, lies, lies. This is all Democrats and Democrat voters have, lies.

  6. What is the legal perspective on this?
    Companies can define their terms of service which can be more restrictive than what is specified by the Constitution? Then I think the key will be to show that they played favorites and did not apply these rules equitably.

  7. 'The latest news is to give credit to The Intercept which was founded and funded by the billionaire Pierre Omidyar. The Intercept's founder is the one who created the censorship network against you and I' On YouTube Dr. Shiva (Arrayadurai) channel dated Nov 1, 2022 watch Dr. Shiva Exposed 2 years Ago

  8. Gosh… IF there will be violence during this election season… I sure hope it will be very successful.. ! LOL! OMG… smh… stfu CNN/ DNC! Oh and what if the violent people turn out to be the Democrats/ Commies..? Hmmm..?

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