DIABOLICAL: Bill Gates Digital ID Will Control Your Life

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Your pinning this on the left just wait until the Republican's take control of the US Government it will make some of this look like kindergarten. Pinning this on the left is codifying their agenda.

  2. I "ALLOW her to have full control OVER HER data privacy." Wow! How about, we the people unite, and "allow" Gates, and all of his WEF buddies, to go circle jerk one another on Hell! How bout that?

  3. Thank you Jimmy for showing this! So glad you also spoke with Ryan Cristian. It's all connected…jabs…digital passport…CBDC…total control by bazillionaire predator class!

  4. As if Bill Gates needed more money from another source. He is such a lying sack of chit. If he wanted more money why not solicit Beso? Again today I am shocked I have to get accurate news from a pot head in a garage who is a comedian.

  5. Oxford University surprised and pleased advocates in April by promising to donate the rights of its coronavirus vaccine to any drug maker.
    We need to at least attempt to sue Oxford University for a breach of contract of some sort. They likely benefited financially for their promise. They promised to freely give what they consider to be a life-saving drug. At what point does a promise become a contract? I don’t know a single person who would already say they have a moral duty and obligation to fulfill their promise. Most would go as far as saying that they are legally obligated once they publicly committed to a price. People will have donated to the university due to their public announcement. Other manufacturers will have modified business plans and projections in light of the amazing news.
    Why are people protesting a kid in Wisconsin who shot a white, skinhead psychopath who served many years in prison for forcibly brutalizing FIVE children in the most horrific of ways?
    Why aren't we protesting the institutions and corporations who effectively own the entire world?
    Why are we fighting people living next door? They're hanging on right there next to us…

  6. All the moronic “stakeholders” that support this guy are gonna see their children become enslaved someday; and knowing them they will blame it on the conservatives.

  7. MUST exhort what SHOULD be a CLEAR correlation: Economic DARWINISM ['capitalism'] WHOLLY begat JUST such SOCIAL Darwinism ['FASCISM'] we're NOW, have LONG been SUFFERING – it's a combination of individual ENTREPRENEURIALISM and PROVIDING of SUFFICIENT resources (shelter, sustenance, energy) through DEcentralizing technologies such as multimedial 3-D printers (to design, customize, maintain housing, other items) and HIGHLY-scalable tabletop FUSION generators (which ALREADY exist) which should REALLY be sought, going FORWARD…..

  8. QR code requires an electronic device thereby forcing everybody into the system to achieve the singularity.
    This is the platform that will make it impossible to separate the individual from the electronic devices, unless several individuals live in a community that is self reliant and independent from the system.
    Transhumanism. The era of the body snatchers.

  9. Notice they are calling a virus a disease. Since when is a flu a disease? This is how they claim the words “unclean” … the diseased are those injected with a spike protein! Nature immunity prevails as it always has for millennia!

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