Dickhead Of The Year 2002. Episode 14 .

I trust you all had a tidy Christmas and hope you have a ripper new year!
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  1. Happy new year DD and everyone. That was awesome!
    Thanks for all the laughs throughout the year (especially when we really needed it 😂). Here's to 2023🥊🥊 ding ding.

  2. As always. I read every comment and appreciate them all. I might take a couple of weeks off then hit the ground running with some new content. As usual this video had to be re edited a few times before it was allowed to be uploaded and of course no ads running. If they are. I don't get a cent. But I'll keep doing them anyway. For some reason my Facebook page is growing while my Youtube is going backwards. I upload all my vids there, so if the bastards shut me down again. Click your way over there.
    Take care and don't take any shit from anyone! DD

  3. Thanks Dan. Happy New Year. My two fears for 2023 are that Australia will be leftist Labor through all states and territories so they'll have the Orwellian nightmare they've dreamed of for so long. And secondly, I won't be able to watch your videos anymore because there won't be an energy grid.

  4. Thanks so much for your efforts. Another brilliant and hilarious video with on point acerbic wit. The whole lot was a hoot but my favourite part was Mr Ed and Jacinda. Those gnashers are well, big!

  5. I"m reasonably tolerant of Aussie larrikanism, but I could only make it ito 1:34 of this video before I had to turn it off. That said, I agree CCP Dan is psychopath of the year (dickhead implied).

  6. Thank you DD for a wonderfully edited DHead of the Year. Truly appreciate your time and effort you give with making these videos. You never fail with providing absolute spot on comedy gold. Many gems in this one but “Bandicoot Sh*t” particularly had me in stiches 😂
    Wishing you and your family the happiest of New Years and I’m looking forward to your content in 2023. Cheers DD 🍻

  7. Brilliant as always! Your videos make me feel a bit more normal in this world of crazy we are living in. The Aussie sense of humour is appreciated since everything turned upside down and to $hit.

  8. oh….so many vermin, they'd all survive a nuclear bomb and crawl out from under their rocks..your spot on DD, so many intellectually challenged people in Vic voting that piece of filth back in but sadly there's no common sense anymore… I must say, Arden and Mr Ed is pure gold, it's my highlight… keep taking them on as the last bastion of hope… HNY!

  9. Love this funny video. Must have been difficult to pick a winner. Nearly everyone in this would have been a worthy winner. Special mention should go to the Liberal party who seem to be clueless about getting people to vote for them.

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