Dictionary Changes Definition To Support Democrats Claim That Amy Coney Barrett Said A No No Word

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  1. They always gonna be offended; but their "feelings" shouldn't be considered correct, yet here we are currently in 2020. Cancel culture is a thing and epstein didn't kill himself. Democrats there is a limit to what sanity left you got there and the sooner people wake up to this nonsense the better.

  2. Next thing you know they will change the definition of Socialism "State or Common Control of the economy." To something none sensible because Socialist always loose the "What is Socialism" debate because critics of Socialism actually read books.

  3. I can see the argument that the term preference denotes choice. I prefer women over men. But men never, and would never, enter the equation.

    Is it offensive, is it hateful? No. It is a term long used to refer to sexuality and which gender an individual is attracted to. Advocate the use of a different term instead if you, and a fringe group of like-minded people, do not like the one currently in use. But remember that you not liking it does not make it offensive.

    Turning an innocuous phrase into something it isn't, retroactively weaponizing it when it is politically convenient is literally Orwellian. Newspeak. That a company is attempting to exert influence over language to serve a political party's ends is laughably absurd. And they should be laughed at for the fools they are.

  4. When did that become offensive? Don't tell me that it always was, because it's not true. I prefer sex with women, that's a preference.
    Fuck it, I'm not worried about offending people. I don't care about your preference, just don't shove it in my face

  5. What did you expect when the Democrats denied Neuroplasticity, DNA morphing, and called non-reproductive "genetic" (*cough*) abnormalities as normal. Denying how the cells created their vessel. The same people that supported the survival of the fittest, which they contradict themselves supporting both.

  6. They have been adding and changing definitions for decades. This is how they have created the pc culture, and created a society of indoctrinated people. Changing the meanings of words has allowed them to twist the "meaning" of the laws as well. All of this has been intentional. Change meanings or make words up to fit their agenda.

    The original meaning of gay:
    1. Merry; airy; jovial; sportive; frolicsome. It denotes more life and animation than cheerful.
    2. Fine; showy
    3. Inflamed or merry with liquor; intoxicated; a vulgar use of the word in America.

    The above definitions are now considered "dated". Hijacked for deception. A person is free to do what they want as long as they do not force others to accept it. That was not good enough, must force everyone to accept alternative lifestyles, if they don't make up all sorts of "phobias" to ridicule them into submission. (Nobody is born with any sexual desires, this is developed over the course of our life. We adjust as we find things that are more satisfying to us. If we are to assume they are born that way (needed to hijack civil rights) then we must conclude everyone was born that way and nobody is wrong for anything they do.) Of course, we know that is simply not true.

    Race: Never had anything to do with skin color. From the Science meaning: each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.

    "people of all races, colors, and creeds"
    If race has to do with skin color why do we include color? The law requires that everyone have equal opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or transgender status), Of coarse add to "sex" as they decide what is acceptable to cause more perversion to be taught to children and forced on everyone to accept. If they don't accept mock and ridicule them with the made-up "phobias". To claim someone is racist means they are against their race, not their skin color. So if we are all part of the human race how can anyone be racist? Do they hate themselves as well? African-American, Asian-American, Latino-American, nice way to divide us, how about just calling us all Americans. It is all wordplay to divide us and keep all of us under their control. Hopefully, we wake up one day and realize we have been deceived. Knowledge is power and when we have the knowledge, we take back the power.

    Of course, the definition of sex has nothing to do with what has been added.
    either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.

    They have done this for many words, another example is unicorn. We have been taught this definition:
    "a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead."

    However, the original meaning is simply an animal with one horn. Unicorn from Latin unicornis.
    1. an animal with one horn; the Monoceros. this name is often applied to the rhinoceros. (The scientific name of the one-horned rhino is rhinoceros unicornis)

    So what is the big deal about changing unicorn? Changing the meanings of the words is just to dumb us down. The millions of changes have created a society willing to comply so they are not the outcast. Social media is not media it is social indoctrination, comply, or suffer the punishment. Say something we don't like and you will be silenced and punished. Convince the people to give up their freedoms and they can not accuse you of taking their freedoms.

    The list of definitions they have changed is astronomical. Not only have they changed the words, but they have also done the same thing with our history. They want a society of obedient slaves that never question anything, that accepts and does everything they are told. Those that don't will be punished. The school system is designed to teach children what to think, never how to think, and are run like prisons. Slavery never ended it was extended to the entire population and modified to deceive us into thinking we are free. The federal government thinks the "we the people" are their property. Humans that are property are called slaves. I'm glad they outlawed slavery…

    To be clear I personally do not care what anyone does, as long as people are not violating someone's rights. Live your life how you choose to. I do care about deceiving and lying to people to push an agenda that has caused harm to millions upon millions of people.

  7. Redefining the meaning of words and phrases is a old socialist/communist tactic. If you can’t win an argument by arguing on merit, then change the meaning of words so you win by definition.

  8. I think its kind of right on time and in line with left hypocrisy. Biden says 8-10 Year olds should be able to choose there sexual PREFERENCE and its all fine. Claps, tears and fuck Trump signs go up in a roar of approval. (Mean while, Trump goes into bias, fake news bs firing range.) ACB says Se8ual preference and she's an instant pos. Absolutely insane. Ignorance is the only way you can be with this crap.

  9. What do you expect, the media companies own the publishers of dictionaries, so they can make any word what they want to define it as, for political purposes. Doesn't make it right, just works as long as they can use it against President Trump, and anyone who supports him.

  10. I seem to recall an Australian dictionary doing this when one candidate accused the other of 'misogyny' towards her. His disagreement was clearly (by definition, as it were), not misogyny, so they changed the definition to make her right.

  11. It's so sad to see dictionaries bastardizing the language in order to align with political correctness.

    As a gay man myself, the term "sexual preference" isn't the least bit offensive…but if you peddle in faux outrage in a desperate attempt to maintain an abusive hold over the votes of impressionable gay people, I guess inventing it shouldn't surprise anyone. #WalkAway

  12. The Liberals have been accused of changing the meaning of words (as well as historical records) for decades. this is just an obvious and public example of them actually doing it.

    The dictionary companies publish Dictionaries as GUIDES on how to use words so the meaning doesn't drift over time, it is NOT created in support ideas.

  13. The destruction of the West started with our cultural inability to tell women no.

    Speech laws started with women in the workplace, and subjective “sexual harassment“ laws.

    Overly specialized sex-Ed is the result of feminists and “no one should feel shame for expressing their sexuality” feminist crap..

    Political hiring quotas started as a means to force women into the board room.

    Cancel culture started with women studies students shutting down speakers for being “rape apologists”.

    Trigger warnings started in woman studies classes so as to not upset fake rape survivors.

    Internet censorship started as a way to protect women from online “harassment”.

    The single largest democrat voting demographic is women.

    “Privilege” theory started in woman studies groups, and started as male privilege, then evolved into white male privilege, to white privilege…

    Not to mention … of the 45 goals listed…( communist goals 1963 as entered into congress), how many have been championed by the women of this nation-

    Also- let’s not forget LBJ Great Society Program (welfare)… The women of this nation sided with sugar daddy uncle Sam and kicked the men to the curb. This is the result of the “man in the house rule“. That is what happened to the American family, American women sold it out for sugar daddy Uncle Sam, and political opportunism.

    And since 1969 any discussion about limiting it or scaling back the failed experiment of welfare, has been met with cries of racism and sexism.

    Affirmative action has forced us to put unqualified people into positions. ( method use based on method used for forcing women into board rooms)

    As a result, any standard is to be seen as either racist or sexist if any member of either protected class cannot reach that standard.

    If any nation or society is willing to give into the demands of any one “protected class “ must give into the demands of any other,… if not … then the only socially acceptable reason is bigotry…

    And unless we as a culture decide to hold women and men to the SAME standards, the collapse is inevitable… which is why it would be best to establish assets outside the USA…

    NO MORE PROTECTED CLASSES!!!! Or the west is doomed.

  14. Obviously it's a load of horseshit, only the most radical LGBT activists considered it offensive, most of the progressives were ok with it and many progressive news sites, blogs and accounts on Twitter USED the expression sexual preference regularly with NO ISSUE.

    That's on top of the facts that sexual preference doesn't really mean "choice", and on top of that the same idiots getting offended here are also the same people who claim gender and sex are SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS .. FFS never apologize and never bend the knee to those lunatics.