Did 4chan Just Catch Voter Fraud LIVE?

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  1. Please take this video with a grain of salt. It is more of a REPORT than a NEWS piece. Please enlighten me as to why this couldn't be voter fraud. I am legit open to any information.

  2. 0:24 you can see the person voted for biden so maybe homeboy was just doing this person a favour trying to stop them from making the biggest mistake of their lives. all jokes aside this videos actually insane though

  3. Not sure if it was the case here cuz unfortunately we didn’t have a good angle of WHERE on the ballot he was marking, but I do know that there is an “internal/office use only” section where poll workers can mark down certain things. Definitely a bit suspicious but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. I feel like there would be a lot more confidence and trust in the voting process if it was a lot more clear/transparent from start to finish.

  4. The Democrats put hardly any energy into Joe and just kept him hidden away while they put all of their energy into mail in voting it has always been obvious that they plan to rig the election.

  5. That wasn't voter fraud. I'm a cue member and that isn't at all what's happening. He is unfolding, and making sure that the machine has no problem reading the ballot. He then marks his initials on the ballot, as he was the only one and the voter that handled it. It is done by almost every county.

    Stop doing this people. It makes us look like kooks to the normies. Find something solid, then post please, not shit like this, it has no value.

  6. The democrats have been saying for the past 4 years that we shouldn't have voter ID, and that being a citizen shouldn't be a requirement to vote.

    Much like voter fraud, I've always wondered how they'd feel, if we flipped the script on them?

    If voter ID and being a citizen shouldn't be required, and open borders are a good idea to ensure a party wins, what if we started goFundMes to bring in a few hundred thousand Russians, to vote in our election? I mean, I'm absolutely positive, 1000% that Putin DOESN'T want Trump to win, but since that's their bogeymen, do you think they'd change their tune?

  7. In Mexico, the voting is managed by an independent org, everyone choosen are from the citizenship, but are always supervised by personel of the organization with cooperation of the army to make sure the votes arrive to their final destination without issues. So far all elections have gone smoothly.

  8. I've worked in elections, so I might be helpful. From what I can see based on the size of the pile is that these ballots are probably tabulation machine rejects and the worker is trying to examine what might have caused the ballot to get rejected.

    The writing at the end of the clip is probably him marking his initials on the ballot to signal that the ballot has gone through the first step of troubleshooting and if it's rejected again then they'll most likely transfer the votes to a fresh ballot which was done in teams of 2 workers and under the eyes of party observers to make sure no shenanigans happen.