Did Amber Heard Kill The #MeToo Movement?

Did Amber Heard Kill The #MeToo Movement?

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  1. No but the ah jd case has expanded it to listen to all investigate and take appropriate action. It’s highlighted that anyone can be a victim and anyone can be an abuser. Sadly these movements get too bogged down with politics, even now on twitter if you are not supporting ah you are accused of being republican or far right when in truth people from both sides saw an injustice and realised watching the trial that the me too movement though brilliant at that moment for bringing attention to a problem needed to be more inclusive rather than exclusive. Dv or any other form of abuse doesn’t care what political side you are on nor does it care about your gender.
    The trial also showed that the media have failed to report truth, instead twisting the reporting to support who their paper has decided the should align with. This has possibly furled the political divide further and people standing up on line and calling them out.

  2. I don't think she set the movement back. I think the celebrity aspect of it has been exposed a bit more. celebrities have been the face of the movement and that's why many don't really care for it. There are men and women winning/losing cases all day long. not everyone has the money and resources like celebrities. one case doesn't speak for all.

  3. As a woman, I found the movement flawed since it's first commencement.
    And there's a huge reason for it, one because it allowed anyone to come forward with the allegations of being sexually harrassed against someone else without any proper evidence, thus allowing women like Amber Heard to do the same. She just went along with the lies, when it was required of her to come up with evidences. The same platform, that was meant for truth and justice, allowed vindictive people to falsely accuse someone else for their own personal agendas.
    While, there have been many women who have come forward with their true horrific stories, now people will think twice before believing anyone's stories, it's not like women were easily believed, before this big case came up, which in one way I'm glad it did, because it showed that men can be victims of abuse too.
    But now, she's made it difficult for anyone to come forward with their truth and I think that it's very sad.

  4. As for the MeToo movement, the movement itself might not be what it started out to be.
    But looking at how many women sided with JD because they are survivors, and relized he was her victim, this might be a paradigm shift towards a survivors movement which is not just more reasonable because this trial showed that men can be victims as as well, but because it also showed that this "believe all women" thing doesn't work in the real world as there are women who might lie about such things.

    Talking about the recordings, i tried to stay neutral for as long as possible, but then i listened to these recordings, read about the UK trial, and i was pissed how dirty they did JD.
    I had flashbacks listening to the recordings, considering my ex was exactly like AH…so i was not even surprised about Dr. Currys analysis of AH.
    I don't want to stigmatize ppl with borderline personality disorder, because there are a lot of them who seak professional help to obtain the skills needed to function and selfregulate themselves in difficult situations.
    But AH just like my ex is not one of them.
    Her whole life she got through with her BS, and because she was largely unchallenged she thought she can BS her way out of it.
    She doesn't see the world as it is, but the way SHE is.
    She needs the confrontation because she can't hold it back and either needs the reassurance that her partner still loves her, or because she has the need to force her view of who is the problematic part in the relationship on her partner, basically gaslighting them for her own lack of Impulse control.
    And everytime he tried to split, her abandonment issues would creep up on her, because she saw that as a sign that her partner doesn't care.
    I might not be an expert, but i have my experience and know where he was.
    He was not allowed to have his own needs, his own feelings and to be a human.
    In such a relationship ppl end up feeling like a caged animal emotionally, psychologically and physically.
    When they need confrontation you have to expose yourself for their personal attacks which often go way too far (of course they just see it as being honest to you).
    When you have a bad day, they will automatically make it about themselves…like "what have i done to you that you are like that".
    When i tried to split my ex locked all doors, and when i managed to get away, she stalked me.
    When JD was about to split AH either attacked him, or followed him.
    But in the end it comes down to the same…they need confrontation and whenever their partner is not willing to expose themselves to it, they try everything they can to force it down their partners throat.
    Even when you are at work or visiting friends or family without them, they need to be the center of your attention.
    They want what they want and if they don't get it, they feel like their partner did something wrong to them…which they'll either use as a reason to emotionally manipulate their partner into feeling guilty and degrading themself, or as a justification for revenge.
    And when the relationship ends they won't be able to just let go, so they will try to use everything they can to tear their former partners life down…either using the legal system, stalking their partners, attacking their family or trying to turn their social circle against them (amongst other methods to have an impact on their former partners life).
    I could go on and on, but i guess whoever reads this gets the idea.
    Such a relationship and the emotional abuse that comes with it can cause permanent psychological damage.
    And that's why i sided with JD after i listened to the recordings.

    The only positive thing the trial had to itself was the fact that if a guy of his magnitude can speak out about it, without being concerned about the redicule that might come with it, so can the rest of us.
    And the fact that it's more often than not women who had to deal with abuse and domestic violence, who are extremely supportive of us, should be reason enough for us to side with them wether it is under the hashtag MeToo or just by supporting eachother no matter how.
    Right now there are thousands of ppl suffering under such abusive relationships and they deserve the same support regardless of gender or sexuality.

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