Did Biden Trade IMMUNITY For MBS In Exchange For Oil? | Breaking Points & The Intercept

The Intercept journalist Ken Klippenstein talks with foreign policy analyst Khalid Aljabri to discuss recent moves by the Saudis to release slightly more oil into the market after Biden chose to push for immunity for MBS in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

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The Intercept:

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  1. Why would Biden need to issue immunity to a civil suit to a foreign leader? There is no way that lawsuit ruling could be enforced. It would be like Afghan citizens trying to sue Biden for stealing the money from their country’s central bank and collapsing their economy.

  2. Was there anything the US could do about it? No.
    So why shoot ourselves in the foot by making a fuss in public?
    Move on and continue the development away from oil dependence. And the next time the Saudis want weaponry, let them sit in the waiting room for a good long time.

  3. >That pitch for money at the end.
    Sounds exactly like early Tim Pool when he was claiming that he needed a news van and to hire journalists to do on the ground reporting. And after he raised all the money, someone who told him on Twitter that they were going to pull his beanie off pulled his beanie off, so he claimed he was no longer safe and proceeded to use the money to buy a compound equipped with a studio so he could sit at home reading news articles all day, and eventually podcasting as well.

  4. Isn't this the guy whose father stole billions of dollars and then escaped to Canada? Breaking points hypocrisy knows no end.
    Also his siblings are in house arrest in Saudi and clearly does n't give a fuck about them.

  5. wait they criticized the government and then went to saudia aribia??? thats like saying down with putin and going to russia what did you think was gonna happen?

  6. If I ever see MBS in person trust me , I’ll get payback. You take an American, we take Saudi , that’s games we playing. Biaden don’t speak for me , hope we get MBS getting what he did to Jamall and put it up on live leak for the world to laugh

  7. Wait, you thought Biden would keep any of his promises? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
    Oops! He did keep one promise: "Nothing will substantially change."
    Profits over the people. Nothing to see here, folks. Same old, same old. Move along…

  8. For every increase of $1 in the price of a barrel of oil, how many people die worldwide? No argument. Pardon him and flood the market with low cost oil. Save lives.

  9. Will I was interested when I saw the title at first then when I saw that your “expert” on the matter is merrily the son of an exiled corrupt member of the Saudi leadership I was disappointed. Get better please.

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