Did COVID-19 Escape From the Wuhan Virus Laboratory?

If the #COVID19 #coronavirus did escape from the #Wuhan laboratory then it would certainly explain why Beijing has been so concerned with covering up the outbreak.

Voltaire’s Ghost:

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  1. Hmm strange I have seen this video linked in source of Potholer debunking video. And I was wondering a while ago does anyone watch this argon idiot anymore? Boom, there he is 🙂 as stupid as ever.

  2. "Did COVID-19 Escape From the Wuhan Virus Laboratory?" No. see potholers video.

    Are the chinese responsible for releasing the virus via their wetmarkets which they have been warned about for years? yes.

  3. "Well ultimately that would still be the same even if it was engineered would it not"

    Scientists believe it came from an animal not a lab. I guess you can claim ALL pandemics and viruses were ENGINEERED by natural selection.

  4. I love watching dangerous lunatic unresearched videos are debunked by actual scientists, go back to making game videos or whatever you nobodies do.

  5. Conspiracy theory isn't a good look on you, Sargon, and neither is hyperbole.

    Pompeo is currently backtracking fast on his claims of "overwhelming evidence".

    Both Trump and Johnson should make sure to keep their mouths shut on how wrong it was for the Chinese to require all of 6 days before they realized the severity of the situation. It took them months to realize, and arguably they've still not fully understood it.

    The thing is, you have no room to criticize, unless there's reason to believe that you would've done better. That's why Biden has no room to criticize Trump's handling of the virus. It's also why Trump has no room to criticize China's handling of it. I honestly think that Sargon would've done better than all of Xi, Trump and Johnson. Even then, though, the brunt of criticism must go first to those who did worst. That's a tie between Trump and Johnson.

    Flawed as China's response has been, it's still magnitudes better than the US response has been. Not being the first to be hit, and having time to observe the situation elsewhere, is an advantage, not a disadvantage. The US had several weeks of warning; China had none. The US took months to respond properly; China took days. We know this. It's established, undisputed fact.

    If everything can be blamed on an initial 6 day delay, we'd all be dead from the initial weeks of delay we would've seen if the virus had originated in the US or England.

  6. I really enjoyed this video, and thought it very informative. Then I watched Peter Hadfield's video on the same topic. Sadly, it's pretty clear Carl got suckered in by the "Escaped Virus" Hoax. I highly recommend everyone check out Peter's video. Unlike many so-called "journalists", Peter is for real. He cites his original sources for every assertion in his vlog. He is meticulous with the details, and that is a quality that is sadly lacking in most journalism today. Here's a link to Peter's video:

  7. Hi Carl, this comment is not directly related to this specific clip, just wanted to bring to your attention that Voice of Thunder seems to have completely lost the plot on his daily Covid19 updates, he doesn’t correct his mistakes but more than anything his videos have become an anti Trump manifest, away from the usual scientific approach that he usually does very well (love his debunking videos). Perhaps you or someone with a bit of visibility and video creation skills wants to do a video on this. Just a suggestion in case you missed it. Keep up the great work, thx.

  8. did covid-19 escape the wuhan laboratory ? uhmmmmmm , yes lat time i heard it bribed a lot of people to get out and see a little bit of the world ….jesus christ these questions in 2020 when the term conspiracy theory is used to demonise or tarnish people , you would have to be extremely idiot or gullible in order to believe it "escaped" just like epstein commited suicide .Unles ofcourse you're sufgfering from a severe case of dementia like biden .

  9. Remember waayyyy back years ago when Sargon used to ridicule people who did not do proper research? My how times have changed.

  10. A thought for contemplation: That the central/national government was ignorant of the situation because the lab and/or local government concealed any evidence of the virus. That it is the fact that they are "ignorant" of what happened and they do not have the control of their lower levels of government that other countries have. This would be a natural consequence of a habit of "making people disappear". Any individual who has any knowledge that might cause their government to make them "disappear" would be highly motivated to conceal any knowledge of that information or the information itself. Which makes the CCP government look worse; incompetence or ignorance? It is ironic that the ostensibly "iron-grip" that the central government has on its country should also cause a situation where they actually have no control because they have no knowledge.

  11. Potholer54 someome who actually understands science has done a great video debunking claims, distortions, spin and lies on the internet, included on his video is the above Akkad who does a wonderful job og totally not understanding a pretty basic paper in Nature about Covid-19. for someone who talks about critical thinking its pretty funny and ironic that Akkad is now part of the tinfoil hat brigade.

  12. lol, u dont check any sources do you? 🙂 you really should – not doing that will make you come off as.. rather stupid and just another conspiracy theorist