Did COVID Break Our Brains? (w/Dr. Vinay Prasad)

Sense-making on vaccines and young kids, recognizing groupthink, removing ideology and personal attack from scientific discourse, and much more.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 We turn science debate into good vs. evil, why?
6:27 Understanding FDA decision on kids vaccines 5-11, myocarditis etc.
12:49 The “Retrospectoscope” and our takes on COVID over the months
16:17 The origins of COVID politicization and Tribalism
25:41 Should we not treat unvaxxed people or shame unmasked children?
28:13 Having compassion for those who misbehave or attack
31:21 The fragility of wishing contrary opinions would disappear
36:38 Recognizing our cognitive biases when engaging in sense-making
40:21 My experience working in genetics with Drosophila fruit flies
43:06 How COVID broke our brains and sense-making ability: masks
47:05 Social media attacks, virtue signaling, performative vulnerability, dealing with emotion via social media
56:31 Equanimity, desire, aversion, and the roots of suffering
1:00:00 Connection and positive feedback
1:01:43 Joe Rogan and Sanjay Gupta, Ivermectin
1:06:00 Hydroxychloroquine and the importance of randomized trials
1:08:00 Is The Temple of Doom racist? The nature of the times in determining appropriateness
1:09:29 The nature and art of comedy
1:11:06 Squid Game and the darkness of our times
1:14:26 What people can do to decrease polarization
1:15:23 Vaccine Mandates: the consequences for healthcare and politics
1:17:00 Waking up as a society to what matters, how we let people die alone
1:20:21 Why doctors put out such shitty YouTube content and what it really MEANS to be in medicine, the nature of real mentorship

Written by ZDoggMD


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  1. I’m sorry but I wish you could have started off talking about the HUGE POPULATION STUDY in Sweden that was released rather than discussing what was missing in the one that you’re discussing! Your questions are answered in the Swedish study! Check it out. Sorry but I’m leaving at 13 minutes and perhaps you’re going to but I don’t have time to wait!

  2. province of BC has roughly 5M people, 620 000 of them are children 0-12,. In BC, 2 children younger than 10 died WITH covid ("with" covid means covid may or may not have been their primary diagnosis) One of those children was an infant (it was reported covid was a "factor" in their death) another one was a 2 year toddler with pre-existing conditionS) . So it's unclear what we are trying to protect the children from. When you vaccinate against tetanus, for example, the benefits are clear . There is 60% mortality from severe tetanus in previously healthy people.
    Now let's look at the MRNa vaccines, in a study which enrolled 66,350 adolescents aged 16–17 years who received Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine: 8,383 (90.7%) VAERS reports were for nonserious events, and 863 (9.3%) for serious events, including death; 609 (70.6%) reports of serious events were among males, and median age was 15 years. The most commonly reported conditions and diagnostic findings among reports of serious events were chest pain (56.4%), increased troponin levels (41.7%), myocarditis (40.3%), increased c-reactive protein (30.6%), and negative SARS-CoV-2 test results (29.4%) (Table 2); these findings are consistent with a diagnosis of myocarditis. Myocarditis was listed among 4.3% (397) of all VAERS reports. 14 deaths were recorded among the serious events. countries like Denmark, Finland and Sweden have stopped vaccinating their teens. SO PLEASE TELL ME WHY SHOULD WE VACCINATE OUR CHILDREN? these vaccines have never been administered to children 0-10, so virtually NO INFORMATION is available on how children react to this vaccine.

  3. yes life is full of risk, but the problem is that NOONE is publishing any information on age-based and co-morbidity linked risk associated with covid, long covid, vaccine or lockdown, or mask … HOW do we make an informed decision ? and now they are coercing people to take the jab or lose their jobs? has anyone calculated risks associated with losing a job vs. dying from covid for a healthy 40 year old with three children and mortgage? if my entire family goes on welfare what is cost-effectiveness of that vs. potential money saved on my healthcare associated with my "potential" healthcare utilisation?

  4. My husband’s hospitalist was crying on the phone apologizing to me for the no visit policy when my husband was dying and I was hospital staff. I had just had Covid and had been caring for him at home until he got so sick he needed hospitalization. It was a shame. I understood and abided by policy but it would have been nice to be there when he died.

  5. I find you to be a bit ideologically biased. I assumed you were on a pay roll. Signed a person who has actually been right about Covid against everyone calling me crazy since dec 2019 when I was wearing a mask. Based on what I had read in April I believed it was gain of function. I was told I was everything under the sun and now everyone that got angry with me for saying it just acts like it’s the most obvious thing in the world not that they yelled at me about it (which is a weird response). But I do think you mainstream left narrative leaning. I pretty much always expect you to say whatever mainstream is saying.

  6. I’ve been shocked by how many people have no problem wishing a person dead because of their opinion. It’s honestly a sign of some kind of derangement that is affecting people.

  7. you both gotta collaborate more often.grateful for your contribution yo budding med students and forgegn medical grads.ahhh I dont have that time to express on video. maybe as an attending someday.

  8. really feel communication skills in medicine is missing big time! the deep issues of really hearing patients and being present for peers and being in the hard stuff and being persistent despite the challenging moments like what we are seeing in the pandemic.Thank you you both for sharing this! 1:26:36 you got me hooked!

  9. FDA voting member says we'll see the data only after the vaccines are given to children. This when Dr. Paul Offit (FDA) says serious vaccine adverse reactions are a second dose phenomenon. Kids are now guinea pigs for Pfizer vaccines.
    Why hasn't an Ivermectin study been done? All the evidence demands studies on a proven safe drug for repurposing for COVID be done.
    You're skepticism on Big Pharma's capture of FDA, CDC and the WHO is naive. Please call the dozens of countries using Ivemectin successfully for COVID and tell them they are lying.
    Reliance on your "gold standard" studies are ridiculous at this point on Ivermectin. It works, and the doctors that have done their individual studies are better data than your "gold standard" studies. Real doctors doing real medicine. Shocked you dismiss doctors like that. Elitist? Yes. Where is your "gold standard" to the contrary? There isn't a single one to refute even the anecdotal evidence. Why? Regulatory capture.
    Also, CNN is captured media by the security state. Just see the long list of CIA "advisors" on the channel. Culture wars are a ratings distraction for them. Serious news it isn't.

  10. Point of contention:

    Point of contention; giving people surgical masks decreases transmission of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, not the use of surgical masks. The fact that authorities are giving people surgical masks gives a signal ito the populace that was not controlled for in the study.

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