Did Joe REALLY Just Say That?… This Guy Is Totally Unqualified To Be President.


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  1. Thanks to him canceling the pipeline, gasoline prices have skyrocketed. The increased price of fuel affects the price of everything else. Just the way it is. Some people may not like oil, but petroleum is used in a whole hell of a lot more than just fuel.

  2. Trump didn't send mean tweets why are you saying that, Trump tweets were truth that's why the Democraps couldn't stand it, and neither could the fake ass media.

  3. inflation? you gotta be kidding me, prices are stable as is joe biden's mental state… who was slated to replace alex trebek as host on jeopardy before deciding to run for president, just so you know. now quit misinforming people before someone fact checks you, neonazi.

  4. An ID for someone that's 18 years old cause $9 so that's $135,000 identifications for 1.5 million but majority of the people that they're talking about most likely gets food stamps and if you get food stamps you get an ID for free

  5. It will not take 1.5 million dollars to print ID's, everyone already has an ID, show me someone who doesn't have an ID. You can't cash a check without ID, you can't get a checking account without ID, you can't do hardly anything without ID.

  6. Why does she even bring that folder out with her? Hammer and Sickle Psaki is never prepared. She just has a book of bogus talking points.

  7. Rents have basically been frozen for a year and a half in most States. Now rents are shooting up as those regulations go away. Not only has the cost of nearly everything gone up for building owners, but they've been restricted from evicting non-payers for over a year without ANY type of compensation.

    At the same time housing valuations are also shooting up. This is largely due to those with a large amount of investment capital and hedge funds seeking to shelter their cash from inflation by buying real property with it.

    Many small real estate investors (mom and pop operations) are selling off their properties after being forced by government regulation to eat the losses from non-paying tenants for over a year.

    Many of these small rental operators have reached the end of their financial resources. They have borrowed massively from savings and retirement or taken out commercial or personal loans to stay current on their mortgages.

    Due to the large property valuation increases in many markets some can sell now and perhaps break even. A few might even see a profit with hedge funds and desperate private buyers willing to pay thousands (or tens of thousands) above the asking price for properties in some markets.

    The sadly inescapable outcome of all of this is that in a national market where "affordable" housing rentals were already difficult to find they will now be chimeras.

    The total number of available rental units will continue to decline in most markets, perhaps drastically over the next two years.

  8. I wonder who Biden actually answers to. Is it Kamala since he has called her the president before? I got my money on Jen Psaki. It's such a crazy idea that I'm thinking it might just be true lol.