Did Liberals Use Feminism to Justify Afghan Cluster F*ck?

How the mainstream media and CIA weaponised women’s rights to manipulate public perception of the war in Afghanistan.
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John Pilger article:

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Isn't it a great idea when the United States dumps 20 billion more dollars into the military industrial complex instead of using that 20 billion dollars to let's say Oh I don't know end homelessness

  2. To bad America has extorted mexico to their fullest perhaps if they had any resources the government wanted they could spend some time caring about the femicide epidemic sweeping poor communities for the last 10 years.

  3. It infuriates me when these greedy lying thieves use "Muslim women & girls" for their dirty cheap agenda, where was his concern when his soldiers were BOMBING SHOOTING & RAPING AFGHAN women & girls??? Also their "concern" ended when their greed couldn't WIN AGAINST THE "TALIBAN" FREEDOM FIGHTERS!!!

  4. Start from the grassroots. Be consistent with your allies, their are no good dictators. Real chance start from with in, from the people.
    My suggestions for political leaders in the West.

  5. Bush n blair n dere mainstream fake media want to tell d world that women n children killed by them in last 20 years are better off then women n children who have to live under taliban….
    Both of them are war criminals but we know the world we live in….
    The greatest thing western media does is to keep their masses dumb to somehow justify killing hundred of thousands of people in last 20 years in this so called war on terror

  6. Capitalism loves feminism and identity politics, for the old divide and rule, and to divert from the gruesome reality of crimes and exploitation by the rich, the bankers, corporations, the military industrial complex and Zionists.

  7. this was one of the reasons I joined. the quote "it's better to be violent if there's violence in your heart rather than claim pacifism and donning a cloak of impotence.." I thought I was a pacifist, and turns out I am..

  8. Fair enough, Russel. But do you recognize the graveness of issues women face in countries run by religious fundamentalists? Should we, as human beings, just let that happen only because it happens in a different territory? What are your honest thoughts on this situation and possible solution?

  9. Come on Russell. It was not Liberals that lied. They were against the war before it started. It was the media, all of them and the Military Industrial Complex. Bush and Tony lied and a million died.

  10. The large majority of women in Afghanistan are the mothers,wives,sisters and daughters of the believers who are governing the country now.That is democracy.Allah is the greatest.amin…

  11. just for fun (but it's a serious fact) the invasion of Iraq was originally called Operation Iraqi Liberation. Just before they announced it, a junior staffer pointed out that the initials spelled OIL…it was immediately changed to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Cheers!! (i can never remember how to do my income tax, but that will stay with me til the day i die…)

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