Did PA Brake It’s Own Laws in 2020 Election?, 3665

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  1. Mark Levin did a rather excellent and detailed presentation regarding the Pennsylvania election rule changes on his YT channel, which – goes without saying – has long been taken down. But if you can find his explanation or a transcript thereof, it's worthwhile listening/reading.

  2. I live in the state of Pennsylvania and I can attest that this state is completely corrupt. Our Attorney General Josh Shapiro was on the electoral college. How can an AG be fair when it comes to election results when he himself was on the electoral college?

  3. Break, but yes they did.
    It was also unconstitutional.
    If it wasn't unconstitutional, why did they need a constitutional amendment to do the same thing; in the first place?

    Thanks Bill, I appreciate your reliability

  4. Actually several blue states broke their own laws. What a surprise…hey? It would seem that in politics stupidity is not considered a handicap.

  5. Before even watching this I knew the answer…YES!
    If they don’t fix these questionable election practices, far less people will be voting and trusting the results.

  6. Thank You for at least mentioning Mike Lindells' Cyber Symposium. It has been AWESOME! The PROOF that our election was absolutely stolen has been verified by some of the top scientific forensic experts of our country. IF we don't fight this we are loosing our country.

  7. Watching the leader of the free world stare especially with that s eating grin is telling. Thinking about good 10 year old whiskey? Just drop the whiskey!

  8. Nobody is holding the Supreme Court responsible for it's failure during the last election. They refused to hear the Trump vs the Sec of State of PA,or the Trump vs the State of Texas case. The court's failure must be noted.