Did President Joe Biden Just threaten Americans? Would the real Americans please come forth!

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  1. It will never go away people need to realize this. I agree with you Ty GOD BLESS EVERYONE. and everyone needs to turn to the LORD more now than ever. People please wake up and get back intouch with GOD. Remember America In GOD we trust. 🙏🙏🙏❤

  2. Just like the rest of the left, they are usually are exactly what they purport to oppose…This clown is far worse at being a dictatorial tyrant than Trump ever was.

  3. People just have to look at VAERS to see the numbers of adverse effects and deaths, and those are under reported. Trump has mentioned to get the Vax but he has always said it was a choice. This script reading puppet is trying to divide us more.

  4. I've been vaccinated but I'm not mad at anyone who hasn't gotten one. Everyone has to decide whether they want to for themselves. No matter what Bidone says, it's a matter of choice.

  5. On a side note I've never heard you do impersonations before! You're great at it! If the guy down the road looked at me and said my patience is wearing thin with their stance on the side of your house I told you to take it down I would consider that a threat

  6. We are borg, we have been patient. Our patience is wearing thin, we will assimilate.
    Wait a minute, is that a 'nug' in your hand, is that you exercising your second amendment rights…. Forget everything we just said.

  7. God Bless You, Tylian Smith, for telling the world exactly what they need to know. I hope this wakes up more of these gullible individuals who worship everything they hear on MSM. My patience is long past thin which is why I wish more people like you would stand up and speak up as you have been. God Help us all!

  8. Ty. I love you my brother in Christ but I disagree with you on this. I like Joe but no he aint perfect. People are scared. I am more scared of drowning in mucous than of any untested vaccine. As always I speak for myself only. Covid hits people like end stage COPD. Have you seen people die from COPD? I have. It is absolutely HELLISH to see someone you love die from suffocation. This is what I want to say. God will protect his children yes but Ty… All us true children of God know he never spares us everything. Not even the worst things. Not even earthly death. If a vaccine has the potential to spare a single life… Then why not? No. I dont want anyone forced to do it. Not what I am about. But well…this is my view.

  9. Dude..I wish I had a 10 foot give you that big a thumbs up for what you just said…you speak more since than these dumb asses in government that are educated beyond there INTELLIGENCE…How in the hell did these people get elected to govern the greatest country in the world ? blows my mind that (apparently).and this is a big if…the majority of Americans elected this clown and inept lead our nation…hell…if you run for president..or anyone that has common sense like you do..ill vote for you…hell..they'll figure out a way to steal it again I guess…devils got his ways I reckon..

  10. 2 days and already my job is m@ndating the poke based of Bidens strait up lies. And to top it .. any boosters that come about. We are turning into China. Literally sick to my stomach over this.

  11. I had a mild case of Covid in late January/early February and I was told that the immunity from having Covid only last about 3 months from actually having had it. I don't know how right they were but that was a person from my local health department that called to check on me.

  12. Now, now Ty. You need to be a good little fellow and do what Uncle (let me sniff your hair) Joe tells you.
    If you don't he will find a way to MAKE you.
    One one need research the depths that this man is willing to reach to destroy someone and get his own way.
    He is just another EVIL dictator.

  13. I’m native from Canada Alberta Kinuso and I’ll NEVER put unnatural medication in my body. I also got epilepsy used to have a seizure about once a month started smoking my natural medicine marijuana I haven’t had a seizure in a year

  14. 7:15 that’s how I feel here in Alberta thinking how has the refusal to be vaccinated up⬆️ cases I say it’s because it’s NOT A vaccine/cure it’s “A RESISTANT lol that’s supposed to help”. But what really helps if people just stayed home also another reason why I think our hospitals are filling up . Maybe just a nice homes rest for a couple days can help

  15. Lol I sometimes feel like if you watched spoiler alert I am legend haha if you think about the story it’s a fake “cure for cancer “ that made . Everyone sick basically . The future in real life except from a “cure for covid”

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