Did Prince Harry Just Confess To War Crimes?

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  1. Those “royals” have a warped sense of right and wrong. Prince Andrew bad but Charles good even though Charles best buddy Jimmy Saville was a rip roaring pedophile. I hate this plague of people worshipping.

  2. Old Canadian here; my cousin was killed in Afghanistan, leaving behind a wife and 2 young children. Naturally this saddens me greatly. But I'm immensely angered because we never should have been there. We are all just tools of U.S. empire

  3. He was never in battle surely, Americans aren't this ignorant. You think they let him out of the VP area 😂🤣😂🤣 He was never in battle, wow, Americans believe ANYTHING

  4. Just imagine if a shooter in the USA goes and kills 25 people and then afterwards go 'They were bad people. I don't know them at all but because I killed them they had to be bad'. Literally insane. Prince Harry is still brainwashed from his military days.

  5. Super ironic that the dude behind releasing the Afghan War Logs is locked up awaiting extradition on espionage charges by our lovely empire. Makes me furious & hopeless.

  6. Each of the Royal Family and the Anglo-American/European elite are all of a piece, the same vile stewards of empire that the American people have rebelled against twice before. You know what they say, the third time's the charm.

  7. I don't think it's unlikely Harry's wife wants to be US president, that would officially tie the American government to the Royal Family where before, such a connection manifested mostly in the backroom deals of high finance. Needless to say, each and everyone of them is an enemy to the working class. The British State may act as a vassal to the US now, but the Western European and American elites are all equal partners and the British elites are the primary shapers of Imperialist policy for centuries.

  8. Hey! Although the FRAGRANCE of Opium is truly addicting. I have done exactly what the CIA does, I set fire to it & I burned every morsel down to nothing but ash!

  9. Unfortunately, royalty is born and raised to believe that anyone who is NOT part of the upper wealthy/ruling/titled elite, is "human." Royalty is always justified in what they do, and they sent Prince Twaddle to "become a man." You, filthy peasant, join to get an education and in the US, health care. It never ceases to amaze me how all the rest of you peasants and the "wrong sort" of people still act surprised when you learn that royalty in no way, shape, or form considers you and your ilk "real" people or human. You are all NOTHING but worthless NPCs to them.

  10. great reporting… not one note struck to "stick" a conclusive ending and move on… but rather a LIST of externalities, players, and potential outcomes and deeper meanings… such real adult thinking… thank you.

  11. Where have you all been? The whole royal family history was built on war crimes just like the so called modern 5 eyes history. Or are you some of those 1/3 of the British that considered British imperialism was a "good thing" in a recent poll?

  12. I'm going to withhold judgment until I read the book. For all we know, he actually does spend two pages explaning what that was a shit attitude and Al Jazeera simply didn't report on that because it wouldn't give them clicks.

  13. I wouldn't blame Harry for getting mixed up in the hangover of Anglo-Saxon domination of Afghanistan. The getting of wisdom, takes decades @ only if you read history @care. But the reprobates who sent him in there deserve all the derision we can muster. No good came from support for the Mujahadine, the cascade of awfulness from that decision would be clear to anyone watching this channel, @ while not entirely predictable, it is clear whatever difficulty they have it won't get sorted by out side imposition of foreign " values ".

  14. Civilized /values democracy/ human-rights/ freedom that is Nato the empire killed millions and wants to steal and kill more! Muslims stand up please come together and kick them out! 💸🔥

  15. omg, you liberal twt, you're allowed to criticize british royalty and lamerican war criminals, w/o pointing out that talibans also have some faults. we know, it really doesn't need pointing out. focus on those who are regarded as good or civilized by the majority. ffs, *ate lamericans,…

  16. Did Prince Harry Just Confess To War Crimes? No, he isn't a war criminal. I don't like Prince Harry, but you even got a lot of war crime wrong and didn't do any investigation. For example, Lee Camp got the war crime wrong on Ron DeSantis because he wasn't station 2005 to early 2006 at Gutaminal Bay during the hunger strike.

  17. harry is not a normal human, I don't get to marry an actress, no matter her skin color, and I have to work for my food, while he gets it paid out of my salary. he also did nasty salute in the past, which I know, and I've heard like 2 stories about him in last 10 years, so yeah, …

  18. A good rule of thumb for who is the bad guy.
    If you are in someone else's country and you are killing the locals you are the bad guy.
    If you are defending your country against invaders who are killing the locals you are not the bad guy.

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