Did someone say “Reset”

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Written by Carl Vernon


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  1. SOCIALISM wrapped up as progress !! Anything but progress. Only rich will prosper we don't even have electricity a staple since being introduced in 1888 !! But not in 2022 ? Seems it's on people. And I don't mean the lights…

  2. Get over yourself Albo, did you tell her you grew up in public housing ?.You have mentioned it on the odd occasion, real politician, blame the outgoing party for the problems, they will do the same when this one is out.

  3. I think the great reset is absolutely fantastic for them that is; they can go first and they can give up their private jets and luxury homes and cars for twenty years and demonstrate to us it works and then we might…… if they have proven it’s a good idea thru example….. we may consider a reset too. Until then leave us to rest from the planDemic scam you just did on us and force us to lose our jobs and stay home for 2 long years.

  4. These loathsome f**king grifters are working in concert behind the scenes to stage an international coup, the likes of which we have never witnessed before. They line each others pockets, share our data, protect their interests over our own and won't stop unless we stop them first.

  5. Yeah we know the Klaus Sqaud club members . Whoever is acting her whether a body double or clone or even CGI . I saw her name on an indictment list along with former Australia's PM back in 2017-18 funny that hey. Zoom in and check their eyes out at the end photo, something is not right , nothing to see here a nothing burger !!

  6. When someone defends their thesis, they are dared into slipping in some random word. That's what I get with these guys- how are you going to fit "reset" in today?

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