Did the FBI entrap Wikileaks? New Assange indictment explained

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Kevin Gosztola, an editor with Shadowproof Media and Co-host of the Unauthorized Disclosure Podcast, about the latest indictment handed down against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The indictment does not levy any new charges against Assange, so what purpose does it serve?

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  1. The FBI has been involved in terrorist activities around the globe and to it's own citizens, ever since the J Edgar Hoover days, nights, and weekends…

  2. Julian Assange is:
    1. Getting help from Putin whose aim is to sow dissent in the USA as evidenced by Wikipedia only ever hurting the USA.
    2. A self-aggrandising narcissist whose adulation by the public provides his narcissistic supply.
    3. An important whistle-blower revealing clandestine actions of USA military and security services.
    4. Possessed of personal hatred for Hillary Clinton, no doubt giving Putin an opportunity to 'help'.
    You do not have to select one. They all apply.

  3. Anybody who hasn't needs to read Yasha Levine's Surveillanve Valley. Its so incredibly rich in detail about the internets origins in the vietnam war, the truth about tech corporations like facebook, war, surveillance, cointelpro, Wired magazine and other police state assets.

  4. If you tell the truth to know people how they are being lied to and manipulated you get locked up. If however, you order people to lockdown, wear masks , stop working and wait for a vaccine … you are free to go ! Does this make any sense ?
    Makes me think …. what is the difference between dictators and our democratic leaders ? Dictators say : Shut up, I rule ! And democratic leaders say : Yell as much as you want, I rule !

  5. When someone gives you the keys to somebody else's property, that doesn't give you the right to enter the property if the property doesn't belong to both of you. Your responsibility is to reject the key and hand it back to the person embroiling you in a crime. Corruption officials always employ the lure-trick to expose your motives. His motives were for fame, and it was illegitimate hacking. Hacking is always wrong, unless you are empowered by a legitimate court investigation in which your opponent is given the LEGAL RIGHT to allow for such a probe.

  6. 1. Not sure how US law could possibly apply outside the US. 2. Lawyers can use other cases of questionably acquired documents to show how the journalists who exposed them were not charged, prosecuted, or convicted

  7. OR like our "great" country as well as the U.K. and Russia, and China, and North Korea, and Saudi Arabia, and Nazi Germany, and Fascist Italy AND Imperial Japan, (I'm sure I missed some) has done throughout the history of "civilization" with POLITICAL PRISONERS…Let them DIE IN PRISON while awaiting "justice" that will never come, Or murder them if they manage to "win" their case.

  8. Don't tell me the fear mongering got to Assange too! :-/
    Everything this thing can do influenza can too. If he where to die WITH it it certainly wouldn't be natures fault!

  9. FBI and DOJ absolutely can not be trusted. Don't believe that, ask any Epstein's victims. They are a protectionist racket for a complete corrupted Government. We do not even have valid Elections any longer in the United States of America; only a chose of which one to pick from that the Intelligence communities presents to us. Does it makes any sense to go after a man who dare tell the truth of corrupted leaders unless you are part of that corruption?

  10. I am amazed by the personality of this generation of young wistleblowers and publicistes. They are informaticien, most intelligents and clever generation, but what is great in them, more great than any cleverly and brillance, is their INTEGRITY !!! This is Hope for the future. This is fight for freedom . FREE ASSANGE !!!

  11. Until they start prosecuting the corrupt gov. officials, all of them, nothing will change. It seems like the people been totally deceived by the life time politicians who only care about their own enrichment, not the people they are supposed to serve. They are no longer human in nature but demonic. They are dragging the U.S. all the way to hell.

  12. Every global protest is Julian Assange. Every Eviction peaceful protest is Julian Assange. The Game is Over. We know who you are and we know what you did. We rise.

  13. Criminalize assistance to Ed Snowden? I didnt know Snowden was found guilty of anything in a court of law? they should concentrate on getting Jonathan Pollard back and charging Arnon Milcham instead of wasting time on attacking rogue news groups.
    7 min 55 sec.. un indicted co conspirators?.. I love the way the make this shit up…that would make me a co conspirator as i have posted and re posted collateral murder on several platforms and presented it to family and friends to see and judge for themselves..
    27 min… "curious eyes never dry up" or something like that… this is the quote that the pigs in government are using to claim julian was pushing brad manning to find more dirt on the bad guys… its frivoulous and if assange makes it to the USA he will be killed just to make things simple.. the zionst pigs are buzy these days.

  14. ????????? injustice will be done ! These people think nothing of murdering innocent people , domestic and foreign , U,S,S,Liberty , J,F,K, 911, OKLAHOMA Bombers, Terrance YEAKY. All those poor souls that we’re ARKENCIDED RE the CLINTON Body Count, WaCKO , AnD many many more , murdered to protect the crooks that control you And put in power via you votes , a show sham trial is all that Will happen , ! ????????? enjoy Life and Stay Safe , ?????,

  15. All true journalists should be watching this in absolute horror. Who would have thought that the deepest Orwellian nightmare would become a primary feature of life in the 21st Century? This has to be the singularly most disturbing actions by governments in collusion to end freedom around the world. Watching the slow motion torture and murder of a journalist should shake everyone to their core. Thanks for the story – to say it's important is a monumental understatement. This story alone is reason for open war against fascism.