Did the FBI Kill Martin Luther King? with Dr. Gerald Horne

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“There’s an underestimation of how dangerous the United States government is right now.”

Prolific and esteemed historian Dr. Gerald Horne, who holds the Moores Professorship of History and African American Studies and has authored over 40 books, warns that the greatest threat to world peace is the US government.

Whether taking down civil rights leaders, starting countless wars, killing foreign civilians, using imperialism to rule other countries, causing economic ruin for entire regions… need we go on?

Just this week, we got to see the FBI cheer on Dr. Martin Luther King after aiding his assassination. Plus, measures were introduced in the Senate to block the Nord Stream 2 pipeline…in another country. It’s US imperialism that would cause economic disaster in Europe. It’s not easy being the world’s policeman, but someone’s gotta do it.

So join us as Dr. Gerald Horne unravels the danger of the United States government. But make sure not to speak up too much about it, or who knows what will happen. As the FBI wrote to Dr. King: “You are done.”

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

And come back Monday for the extended interview with Dr. Horne.

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  1. I have been skeptical of any claims Horne makes ever since I learned about the historical falsification he engaged in with his book on 1776. He has a race essentialist agenda and he's willing to twist and distort facts to support it. He is only "esteemed" by those who don't value evidence. Something in this comment is triggering an automatic comment shadow-banning filter.

  2. Dr. Gerald Horne is dope!

    He's bringing a lot of things to light that are fascinating and overlooked by mainstream media. Would love to take a course on history taught by this man!

    May have to check out some of his books.

    Thanks Katie & Aaron!

  3. Few debates are more confused and incoherent as the ones around CRT. It's past time to ditch the term 'CRT' and use terms that everyone understands with definitions that more than half the honest actors can agree on (despite the plethora of dishonest actors moving goalposts on both sides).

    And Lindsay's esoteric sophistry that is effectively a Critical CRT Theory is largely useless until it can be synthesized into a paragraph that doesn't refer to things like post-modernism and neo-marxism that have zero traction with regular people.

  4. The thing about racial politics and CRT is that it's a safe way for the 0.01% to channel public dissatisfaction into a harmless lane that costs them no money.

    Gay rights, abortion, guns, race, religion… none of those matters one teeny bit to Exxon, and that's why politicians and talking heads are free to pretend to care about those issues, and why they spend millions and billions every year making you care.

    It's a trap.

  5. The FBI got public enemy number one. The fact of China and Russia cooperation has changed the game. The public enemy number one today is delusional assessment of the new reality. Anticipate the disruptions and be prepared. The two thousand twenty five storm cloud is on the move. Wonderful discussion and information.

  6. Tell it any way you want humans answer to everything is to wipe'm out, completely exterminate and the problem will then go away. Got Pests? call the exterminater. Fucking humans
    “If animals were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.”-Reverend William Ralph Inge.
    Billions of animals annually are slaughtered for food while meat is a actually a luxury, subsidised by gov't. More people could survive on plants, millions more.

  7. Dr Horne no need to apologise for not being clairvoyant, since you were for a time, for goodness sakes b arred from he historic archives? And that automatically forgives you.

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