Did The Fed Just Bail Out Credit Suisse? (Shocking Intel Revealed)

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  1. DRS gme. if you don't believe in GME then Drs whatever your holding, take their liquidity from them and own your stocks in your name not as a beneficiary holder. Use brokers just for calls and puts. NFA of course.

  2. You are ignorant regarding the GFC. It STARTED in 2007. Pick up the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report and READ IT! And in fact, if you understand what you are looking for, the signs of the GFC of 2007 was present dating from 2004 onward. Which, when you apply the same issues to now, other than Dodd-Frank allowing the automation of not going to congress, and other changes, then the current crash started when Trump gave tax cuts alongside the trade war. Everything that followed built on that. But, yeah, think that it is all in the moment and doesn't stretch years.

  3. everything seems like it will collapse. where in the hell can people invest? wherever i put some money it will end up in some bank that might fail. i didn't have these problems when i had no money 🙂

  4. no free markets. no price discovery. no risk v. reward system. they will counterfeit over it and manipulate the data to hide it until the move to CBDC and ESG. People will just accept/adjust to the slavery though programming. In a few years 50 years will be a long life and owning a one bedrroom will be rich.

  5. It finally dawned on me that Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen are like the characters in dumb and dumber spending all the money writing IOUs if you remember? Unfortunately the ending is not gonna be as funny? George you do a great job I really appreciate you.
    I’m going to Bogotá for two months and I always think about you and your story about your properties down there so I’ll have to take a look around.

  6. should we really be surprised ?
    the biggest deals, the real deals, happen in plain sight but are not advertized.
    the whole world banking system is a completely distorted one, but it's a system, and it is completely controlled and manipulated by the "elite".
    and through their own personal bank, the FED, they eventually can do whatever they want, and they do !
    remember that the owners of the FED are the same people that own Credit Suisse and basically every other bank in the world…
    it's just a big game of "RISK" for the rulers of the world… with one exception: they always win.

  7. I can't help but remember Lindsey Williams saying the big crash would start with the US fed bailing out EU two weeks before the US crashed.
    Unreliable, but worth remembering.

  8. There goes Tom Luongo's cherish theory, I guess he will have to look for a regular job like he said he would at this point. No more smoking cigar while giving interviews on Youtube… what a loss for us and his goats.

  9. Credit Suisse is holding the bags for Archegos… you may remember Archegos… the hedge fund that was holding millions of puts on Gamestop that blew up…… after Credit Suisse falls deutche bank will be next.

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