Did the Gates Foundation Actually Sterilize Hundreds of Thousands of  Young Girls in India?

Exclusive: History of the Gates Foundation and Vaccine Injuries in India and Africa. Has the history of the Gates Foundation and reported vaccine injuries in India and across Africa been scrubbed from the internet? Watch my interview now exclusively at https://ISE.Media

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Written by Ben Swann

Ben Swann's Truth in Media Project"It's not about Left vs. Right... It's about Liberty vs. Tyranny"-Ben Swann


  1. Ben you’re fearless as well as your guest!! This isn’t some rich person acting recklessly it’s multi billionaires (wealthy beyond imagination) acting like gods. Scary stuff

  2. How can we find Pre-Rockefeller medicines when the internet has been so manipulated to silence the truth and censor all possibilities at stuff that works outside of big pharma? Excellent work by the way Ben keep bringing the truth!

  3. Gates crime number >>> ID2020 & 060606
    EVENT 201
    UN agenda 21
    WEF >>> planned c o r o n a over fifty years ago………. t r a n s h u m a n agenda ……..nothing natural NO MORE!
    COV ID >>> certificate of vaccine AI. >>> NOVEL BEST SELLER!
    HPV >>> sterilisation of children…

  4. The Elite’s cure for Global Warming is depopulation which is why the vaccine will probably have a sterilant in it. Obviously, wars cause depopulation as well. Can you think of a faster way to depopulate? Launch a nuclear first-strike against our Chinese and Russian brothers and sisters in order to trigger a nuclear exchange which permanently destroys our ELECTRICITY, COMMUNICATIONS, WATER, FUEL, FOOD, AND TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE.

  5. What we are observing is the implementation of the final steps in an ancient secret plan to use deception to take over the world for the purpose of completely ENSLAVING us and EXTERMINATING those who resist.
    Have you ever heard of either of these two books? They were written by the perpetrators themselves.
    Also, Google and YouTube are highly censored now. You can try DuckDuckGo to do your research.

  6. What good will stimulus money do you if there is no food on the grocery store shelves? We are being bribed with stimulus money to allow our own self-destruction to occur. We are being paid to allow a food shortage, famine, and depopulation.

  7. Only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will the world have and know peace.
    Jimi Hendrix-1968
    Fear is a great way to control people.
    Adolf Hitler-1937
    GHW Bush-1991
    Bill Gates-2019
    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Author unknown by me

    Bill Gates named Microsoft after his penis AND wants Vaccineocide-Vaccineogedon for everyone on Earth but he telegraphs his population reduction in 3rd world countries agenda during one of his TED Talks which is what drove me to discover how he named Microsoft.
    Let there be no doubt that Evil, Inc is reducing population here in the USA as birthrates are down by 600k for the past three years while the population rises!
    How is that possible?
    I BOYCOTT MICROSOFT and have for over a decade and if anyone wants a bumper sticker about Gates penis, let me know and I'll send you one

  8. Dr. Tenpenny is great as is Larry Cook and Del Bigtree Robert Kennedy Jr. , Dr. Shiva, & Dr. Buttar and so many other have been fighting BACK so hard for so long.

  9. This Bill Gates, looks like a vulture! In the courtroom, several years past, his appearance is that of a schizoid, as he rocks incessantly, in his chair , while answering to the charges in front of a Judge – Sick bastard!!!