Did Trump Benefit from His Twitter Ban?

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  1. I didn’t find him controversial at all, but a Twitter ban has stopped any “controversial” tweets and from the press bringing him up as often. They do try to make him the story still.

  2. I would say the Left suffered more than Trump gained from his ban. Oh sure, they were cheering with glee when they finally got rid of the big bad orange man but then they had nothing to complain about after. So then they had to bring up and repeat previous things they whined about him over and over and over again, in true npc fashion.

    Can't complain about the current president and his failing economy plus the innumerable screw ups these past few months! But remember that time Trump had fast food delivered to the white house for those athletes all those years back? That's their mindset now it seems. They just can't move on from Trump.

  3. come on , trump had a tv show, even if he did not write his own tweets, he knows how to manage his social media persona, which is the greatest master troll 2017 – ban … just have to love his tweets

  4. I'd like to point out as an American that the unemployment numbers are actually much higher than that the way unemployment numbers here work is that once your claim runs out and you haven't found a job you're no longer considered to be part of the workforce it varies from state to state I imagine how long you receive claim money but within a few months you are no longer part of the workforce and therefore not counted in the statistics

  5. Who knew destroying the nation would cause Biden to lose literally almost all support, all to get to their intended goal of "resetting" the world order and introducing Globalism? Curatives known since April of 2020, the same medicines Trump pointed to, but instead they pushed the lockdowns indefinitely, kept people suffering and dying without the cures allowed, instead pushed a vaccine and booster in place of the cures. How is going to be held responsible?

  6. Bare shelves biden is the crisis presidency.everything we said would happen has happened only quicker than we could of imagined.but with everything falling apart around him biden gave a speach against his own people….because they see the red wave coming and they have no answers for anything

  7. Got the running joke here in sjweden that when leftist politicians say "democracy is in danger" the socialist part in "socialist democracy" is silent.

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