Did Trump REALLY Suggest INJECTING Disinfectant??! Media LOVES To Assume The Worst And Defend Biden

CORRECTION: I should Check my own assumptions more. I should have known by now that Trump is often on the right track for some reason

apparently these options were mentioned to him and he shorthanded it in Trumpian fashion.

We all made assumptions about what he meant

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  1. Tim, how is it a stupid question to ask if there is some medical treatment like disinfecting? if the virus infects lung tissue, what if there was some chemical that could kill the virus and not damage the lungs? What if the doctors that began theorizing and testing chemotherapy were laughed at as being stupid for wanting to inject people with poison to fight cancer? yes, if you just look at it from the standpoint of "disinfectants are poisonous to humans, injecting poison is stupid!" you sound stupid as there are medical treatments that involve injecting poisons into the human body. Alcohol is poisonous and many people drink it on a daily basis!

  2. Assuming a person is asking a stupid question for asking a question about something they dont know the answer to is pretty stupid… why should people research things before asking questions about something they are wondering the answer to?

  3. It was not stupid, it was just wrong. Sunlight is known to degrade the virus quickly, so it is not "stupid" to infer that it might be possible to use sunlight as a treatment, but layers of your body would not be penetrated by sunlight and that is why it is ineffective.

  4. The flu vaccine may not work against the virus de jure, but people still need their flu shot. The is no reason why people shouldn't do what they can to minimize their medical contact with others.

  5. what did trump say that was profoundly stupid tim? About light therapy? A thing we already do with infer-red? Secondly trump didn't say a flu shot would help with corona, he literally turned to a doctor and asked "Would getting a flu shot help?" you're slipping on your quality and standards tim… this is why I unsubbed from you and only occasionally watch your stuff now.

  6. Can't explain how happy it's made me that tim spent 22 minutes being a massive dumbass in this video slamming trump for no good reason only to make a slight correction in his description box. No big video admitting to doing bad journalism, just a small correction 99.9% of his fanbase won't ever see… just like the ol' MSM does it. Tim's becoming one of the big boys.

  7. tim. I hate to break the news to you. The President is smarter than you are. And that is okay. For example: obama had a harvard law degree. Now granted harvard inflates their grades and bend over backwards to admit black people, but with both of those facts stated he is a smart man. He is probably smarter than I am. Hate to say that. Think he actively spreads an evil ideology for personal gain and power. But what can I say? he has a juris doctor and I don't. Are there lawyers I am smarter than? sure. Are there lawyers who wen to harvard law that I am smarter than? almost inevitably. is barack obama one of them? most likely not.

    It is okay for someone you don't like to be smarter than you. doesn't mean they are always right or you can never be right when they aren't. But seriously, you have been covering Trump for almost 4 years now and are continually astounded when he wins, over and over and over, and seem to fall for your own "slips on a banana peel and does a perfect back flip" idea. sorry. he isn't accidentally hitting banana peels. even the best banana peel back flipper will hit a banana peel and just slip every now and then, but at the clip he is performing at, you should certainly bet that he is doing things on a level above dumb luck.

  8. Except Trump is right. Hydrogen Peroxide nebulizers are a thing, as is Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and the Cedars-Sinai / AYTU Healight. But the mainstream media is suppressing any news about this because they would rather have people die than admit that Trump was right.

  9. There actually is a company out there testing lung UV treaments at Cedar Sinai. And in 1918 drs. moved influenza patience out into the sunshine and it helped them get better, so its not THAT stupid a question to ask.

  10. "Bleach and other disinfectants"
    Yeah, because bleach is definitely what one means when speaking about disinfectants in medical terms. Once again, the moronstream media ad hominem's Trump with their own strawman.

  11. You missed the biggest thing here.

    He never said anything dumb about injecting disinfectant. He said “Is there any way we can do something LIKE THIS” to kill the virus in the body in minutes

  12. Okay, Maybe only make 2 videos a day. That way you can get all the information, and you won't come across as ignorant in certain areas. It's slipping into more, and more of your reports.
    I've always forgiven your jelly spine position, And how you have to checkmark as least one bash on Trump. Because you do have some good content, and find stories others miss, But if you're going to be an extension of what the main stream media already does, By misquoting the actual statement, What use are you?
    I also expect my news source to be of higher than average intelligence. To be able to realize that his question was more than likely intentional. One that may have nothing to do with the medicinal properties of bleach. If it does. He may be privy to information we don't have yet.
    The one thing I've noticed on your reporting is how many times you have had to walk things back. When the big picture is finally revealed. During your corrections, the phrase "Trump was playing 4D chess" is used by you. Which at times, Yes, He was 10 moves ahead, But there have been too many examples of you just doing a bad job at reporting the story. Get it together!

  13. HCQ has saved many lives … and the left hates HCQ ask that State Rep in Michigan how she is doing after taking HCQ and is now alive … she wasn’t even congratulated by the governor of Michigan… she was censored by the Democrats instead

  14. The critics are the same people who promote vaccines that contain known multiple toxins. But what matters is the President suggested no such things.

  15. I did debate in high school for a short time. Part of the contest portion of the sport is that you compete on both the affirmative and negative sides of the argument and you must win on both sides to be successful in the sport regardless of your feelings on the assigned issue. I used to ask some of the kids on the team what they actually thought about the issue of the year and they had argued on both sides of the debate so often that they had lost the sense of personal opinion.
    If a person that lacks high IQ (85% of the general population) is exposed to the strongest arguments on both sides of an argument, they will side with the argument that contributes to their "sense of self" most of the time. On the debate team, the judge's sense of self was usually whatever high school boys thought college age women would want to hear to make them wet.
    It worked everytime, half of the time.

  16. He never said people should inject themselves with disinfectants. He asked if that isnsomthing they could look at. And if you watched the breifing you would have seen where the dhs doctor was talking about how Bleach and abeloric alcohol kill the virs in 30 seconds

  17. He asked if they were looking into it. He never once suggested people go inject themselves with bleach or other chemicals.

    Most people think they are smarter than they actually are and don't realise most antidotes to most poison is just another toxic poison that simply has the opposite effect. What he said definitely sounds stupid until you realise most things medical research does is pretty much crazy shit like he said. But he definitely should have delivered his question better.

  18. Whisky is a antiseptic/disinfectant. A British subject marooned in the China lockdown caught coronavirus and could not get treatment. He cured himself by drinking "Hot Toddies" (Whiskey, Honey, and Lemon Juice) until his whiskey ran out. The whisky killed the coronavirus, and both honey and lemon juice have healing properties. Combined with Vicks Vaporub on chest, soles of feet, covered with plastic to maximize skin absorption, and on nose is proven to improve recovery.

  19. What I think Trump was doing was what he has been used to doing: he hears some idea and asks the question "can we make it work in a different context?" he is openly asking experts in the room if they think it's possible.

    Honestly, I watched the video and this is completely obvious to me.

    Brainstorming in front of camera is not recommended though.

  20. Does anyone have an archived link for the MSN article in the description about using isopropyl alcohol in a nebuliser? Just tried to tell someone that was a thing on Reddit, come back here for the article to find that they took it down! Down the memory hole…

  21. Presidnt Trump is only half wrong about the sun killing viruses, the sun DOES allow for the production of vitamin D which can boost the immune system to better counteract the virus. It is not enough on its own, as far as I know.

  22. Understanding what someone might have meant and still saying they were stupid for how they said it is a fair act in my book. So this is a case where I will say, Trump likely was thinking of solutions but sure as he phrased it in a stupid way, that needed clarification. Yet media will still spin it to be worse rather than the obvious route of saying he was being a bit stupid here.

  23. Trump isn't stupid or asked a stupid question. He's just not educated in the field he's enquiring about. It needs to be understood that there's a difference between being smart and being educated. Because the two can be mutually exclusive.

    Since I got my science degree I've heard from many friends who had ideas for something that wasn't viable and I was able to explain to them why. They didn't have my education but they had minds for ideas, which is equally valuable in my opinion.

    Trump doesn't understand how bleach or UV light works in killing viruses. So when he hears of their effectiveness he uses his limited understanding to think is there an application for this as a treatment, then suggests looking into it. I can tell you for a fact this is how scientists think all the time. And we research to see if it's been done before or test it through experimentation.
    It wouldn't surprise me if this type of thinking was what led to him being a successful businessman since that is his field of expertise.

  24. I disliked this video because you got it wrong Tim. I love you & I see that the very next video is actually in accordance w/ this video, but I'm still leaving you a dislike for maybe the 3rd or 4th video in 3 years.

  25. It's almost impossible to find an unedited video of what he said. The media is incredible. He was talking about using UV light to disinfect and kill viruses, which is real technology. He wasn't talking about actual bleach, but almost ALL of the news media has edited the video to make it sound that way. He wasn't talking about actual bleach, but almost ALL have edited the video to make it sound that way. He was talking about UV light, not bleach.