Did Ukraine kill its own extremist fighters in rocket strike?

Scott Ritter, ex-UN weapons inspector and former Marines intelligence officer, addresses claims that the Ukrainian military targeted a prison in Donetsk filled with fighters from the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which was incorporated into its ranks. Ritter explains why Kiev might need to silence those fighters.

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  1. The International Deep State (HQ in USA) can do anything because it controls the media overall. No matter its crime, it will accuse Russia of doing it and people will believe it. We are in a very dire situation.

  2. With the lack of Ukrainian radio communications on the frontlines I wouldn't be surprised. Most of the casualties in this war has to be coming from friendly fire with the total lack of leadership to addon.

  3. As a student of WWII History, well read in all of it, especially Eastern Europe and Post WWII with the Displaced Persons Camps; I can state that most Americans cannot fathom the scourge that was Europe in the 1940's and into the 1950's. The depravity and bloodlust is uniquely European and it's beginning to rear it's ugly head again.

  4. One thing should be very apparent to Ukrainian’s and that is there will be far more woman than men. The mentally challenged woman and child killer is gung ho in sending men into combat in a war in their own country that they can’t possibly win. No matter how much help the brain dead leaders of the west provide, they are most likely will fail. It should be apparent to all that the men of Ukraine are cannon fodder for the Russians. We can only hope that at some point punishment will be handed out generously for those that more than deserve it.

  5. If this stuff is true about the members of Tornado unit I can understand why the CHECHENS are so motivated.. Daesh tried to destroy their country before and they have all lost family and friends to Daesh.. Now Ukraine wants to make a mixture of Nazis and Daesh right next to their border 😂 I totally understand why the Chechens are so motivated to destroy whatever that is in Ukraine

  6. I've seen video after video of Russian medics treating wounded Ukrainian prisoners. I've seen Azov prisoners interviewed by Russian journalists, smirking about accusations of torture. Totally without any fear, even as they are captives of Russian forces. That doesn't strike me as the behaviour of men afraid of being tortured themselves. Frankly, I'm amazed at the Russian restraint in dealing with these filth.

  7. Killing their own for PR is normal for the fascist Azov gang. We have also the Bucha massacre and the Kramatorsk train station. These people revere their ideology way beyond human life.

  8. It's beginning to look like this may have been the plan after all. Zelensky is probably cleansing the far right out of Ukraine. How convenient this has been if you stand back and look at it. The dangers of patriotism for the gullible.Think there are elements in the US that would like to do the same thing?

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