Did Zelensky Try to Dupe the World Into WW3? It Sure Looks Like It… Viva Clip

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  1. Not an accident, it was deliberate. According to Mr. Ritter, the trajectory of the launched missile from Ukraine to intercept the incoming Russian Missiles were in the direction of Poland and not Russia.

  2. How many Russian children have been killed by Ukrainians,how many children have Ukraine stole from Russia,how many cities have been reduced to rubble in Russia,how many children are going to die from freezing to death this winter in Russia because Ukraine has destroyed all the infrastructure

  3. And yeah it would have been World War because you really seriously think Putin and Russia would allow themselves to be concured? Particularly when the West has repeatedly said that they want to execute Putin and his people? No it would be a nuclear war full all out nuclear. What do you think Russia would trust America is what with disarming like Iran did ? No they wouldn't trust our word they would fight like hell and never surrender! Or maybe they would trust you know the Nazi ukrainians? Nope. Easy yeah that's would be Armageddon.

    Call it what it is it's not a maybe that's what liberals think reality is it will be the end of the world.

  4. The missile was Ukrainian, so Nato should follow article 5 and declare war to Ukraine as Ukraine attacked a Nato member. 😂😂
    This is a flase flag attempt from Zelinsky, this is clear, the guy wants a full war, but he got caught.

  5. The drama teacher is very dramatic and shld learn to choose his words more carefully. He has very loose lips. Distasteful behaviour and attitude as a PM. Do us a favour a leave office now.

  6. The US government alone has sent $90BN to Ukraine. That is 33% more than the entire Russian military budget per year. Its 2x the avg. US spend for Afghan war.

    How is this war not over already? What has Ukraine actually done with the momey?

  7. If Russia hadn't fired missiles at Ukrainian Civilian Infrastructure, which is a War Crime I will add…. Then Ukraine wouldn't have had to try and shoot down these Russian missiles and an air defense missile wouldn't have gone astray killing Polish citizens…. What happened is even WORSE than a direct attack on Poland by Russia. Putin committed war crimes that resulted in Ukraine accidentally killing Polish civilians. Zelenski and the Ukrainians are totally blameless and Putin is fully culpable…… I wouldn't be making excuses for Putin, Viva. This is a time of war. There is no ambiguity. There are only enemies and allies. Nothing else.

  8. If you believe it zeleinski (gullible bro….) it's the bankers that need to war to remain in power as they are. Z is an actor didn't you see him recieve the golden globe?

  9. Putin's insurgents shot down a Passenger plane full of innocent international citizens 2014. Putin murders his political opponents, journalists. He annexes land that isn't his…. Don't support this guy. You're better than that. The fact remains that Ukraine gave up the world's third largest nuclear arsenal in the name of peace. America, UK and Russia signed the Budapest Memorandum respecting Ukraine's borders and sovereignty and gave an undertaking to aid Ukraine in the event that a nuclear nation interfered in that sovereignty. Putin's Russia broke that agreement when Putin invaded and annexed the Crimean peninsular and funded an insurgency in the Donbas. The UK and the US have an obligation to Ukraine.

  10. Crazy that 2 innocent people die and the whole world is ready to go to WW3 in revenge when it Russia's fault, BUT when we find out it was Ukraine that killed these people…. it's just tragic accident time to move on. Disgusting! Before you support anything do your home work 🍻

  11. My question from all of this has to be, IF Ukrainian military accidentally launched a "defense" missile that hit in Poland, shouldn't that disclosure come from Zelensky immediately after it happened and not the Poland president a day later after they "look into it?"

  12. @Viva CLIPS!
    they’re giving the necessary illusion of playing the good guy when in fact they’re working collectively to rebuild the S empire. Remember our first move? It strengthened them. This will more than likely be censored even though I’ve been vague. This is all theatre to push the collapse

  13. So if the missiles are from the Ukraine shouldn't NATO declare war on 'Ukraine'? This makes the most sense as the Ukraine is not a member of NATO. The downside of this course of action is many corrupt members of the 'Ukraine' government would be conveniently eliminated before they can be brought to justice. So their partners in crime in the US and so forth would be able to walk away with clean hands.
    The above remark does not mean I am in any way a fan of the Russia's shirtless wonder.
    take care

  14. @Viva CLIPS! You missed a detail on the "benevolence" of Ukraine. You forgot to mention that Ukraine was using its own citizens as human shields to try and frame Russia for war crimes. You might have missed the Amnesty International report. Ukraine at the start of the war was screaming bloody murder that Russia was targeting civilians and demanding Nato intervention. Russia denied it and said the Ukrainian forces were occupying residential buildings. Well, Amnesty International did an investigation and found that Ukrainian forcers were, indeed, occupying residential buildings and using schools without clearing the adjacent residential buildings to avoid collateral damage.

  15. F**k Ukraine and F**k Ukrainians I don't care. I have a friend sleeping on my couch because his job was mandated. Another friend in hospital with pericarditis f**k Ukraine we are literally getting slaughtered here in north America.

  16. Well no wonder Canada's government wants to cobtrol the internet and censor Russian bots like Frei 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 just kidding, but they are going to accuse you Frei if being a Russian bot now 😂😂, Ftx was being used to funnel money to Ukraine that is what happened, and the supposedly Russian missile is and ukranian defense missile that malfunctioned also You forgot to mention that the "disputed regions to the east", have been bombed continuously since 2014, and that those regions wanted to break away and had referendums regarding that and were successful at it with 97% of the vote for it, why you ask? well there was a coup de etat financed including Canada by the west in Ukraine where the elected government was removed by force and violence there were many many deaths, now remember Canada had their hand in it as well in that insurgency while here at home they were afraid of insurgents during the freedom convoy the government loves to go abroad a topple other government , not to mention what they did in Libya yes Canada was dropping bombs and killing people to take over their oil industry while using the main stream media in Canada to brain wash everyone that kadhafi the Libyan leader was the devil himself, that is facts, I don't side with anyone but this is facts and I love you channel Frei but come on let's be honest on this one

  17. If you want answers to the Ukrainian issues you discussed in this video Viva – I challenge you to go to Deny Davydov YouTube channel – He can fill you in on whats going on including the russian missile that hit Poland –

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