“Died Suddenly” Documentary Being Called Out Inexcusable Mistake – Viva Frei

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Written by Viva Frei


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  1. The biggest problem with the Covid situation is that it was immediately politicized . Then people made enemies of those with different opinions. Instead of handling it solely as a health issue. I am vaccinated by choice and got covid 2 days after Christmas. So I didn’t see the need for the boosters as I have produced the antibodies to covid. Biden did not “shut down the virus” .

  2. I'm going to speculate on the basketball player dropping dec 2020, these sick people will do stuff to set the stage for future events.
    Sooooo….. maybe they did something to this basketball player, to give the illusion that collapsing happens in basketball.
    Then other players start to collapse after taking the cupcake. 🤷

  3. CO2 = P x S x E x C…." if we do a really really good job with new vaccine, health care , and birth control….we can lower that number by 10 or 15% "

    Who said that ? Cuz it s working….

  4. I was in a pharmacy and saw a woman having a seizure/convulsions after the shot. She was grabbed on either side by pharmacy staff and dragged into a back room. When I asked if she was going to receive emergency care as she didn’t look well. I got a shrug of shoulders and
    people who had been lined up to get their shot kept filling out the form and kept waiting. There’s nothing that will stop what’s being done to us.

  5. Has anyone gone over and looked at this youtuber.–MQz5PyE

    This very annoying, self-opinionated, so-called doctor (LMAO – you can't be a real doctor and be this stupid… can you?), has uploaded a video called 'Lied Suddenly' in which she attempts to make a mockery of 'Died Suddenly'. She is one of the most annoying people to listen to and watch, but I bring this up because she only has 100% supporters in the comments. Of course, I know why… I posted something and my post was deleted within minutes, so she is blatantly and actively censoring comments. She has unthinking, mindless minions that seem to have put her on a pedestal, and no doubt she likes the power she feels this gives her. Anyway, in great contrast, check out the comments on the Forbes website in which a journalists article attempts to discredit the video…


  7. Good point, however, how do we know for sure that Johnson didn't get the jab? Maybe he had relatives or close contacts in the medical realm that got him on the first responder list so to speak. Bottom line, the documentary is solid and very accurate and this "Truther" shill is nothing more than a second rate Snopes wannabe, and that isn't saying much.

  8. Have two friends, 30 yr old males, both having heart problems.

    My sisters partners dad has stage 4 cancer out of the blue. He’s a healthy and fit man.

    My friends mom got a blood disease and was in the hospital for 5 weeks.

    Everyone else I know that has the V is constantly sick with various colds/flus, and yes, Covid.

  9. The situation around the dodgy jabs is bad enough. The whole story doesn't need to be using mistakes, and or conflation, or exaggerations. What it needs is a sober and careful discussion of the Sudden Death Syndrome with no dramatizations.
    It is a serious topic that needs serious accountability, and a documentary that expounds the issues with these new shots.

  10. I got vax in March 2021, then 21 days later got second those and that dosage sent me to the ER with swollen vaginal labia mayora of the vagina to the point I felt like I was dying! I was not the only female in the ER with the same issue! Fast forward 1 year later I had to have surgery to remove 3 lymphomas in the pelvis are and vaginal area! Very unusual 🥹

  11. Just love the denial of those who lined up like cattle for this JAB and now are panicked and putting down others, as usual. The BARRINGTON DECLARATION and other experts including the inventer of the technology WARNED THE WORLD and you weasels sneered and scoffed. This poison will continue to cause MAJOR PROBLEMS for years and you still hang to your Indoctrinated IDIOCY. Watch CNN and CBC and hug your Dr Fauci doll and stop your BS

  12. Fourth Reich mengele research based EUGENICS experiment.Virus was manufactured for jab not the other way around.ENTRUST the company contracted for green health pass/app by Canada,Great Britain many others is 100 percent owned by Magda Goebbels stepkids by her first husband QUANDT.Magda we'd Joseph GOEBBELS on QUANDT family estate with Hitler as best man.thus can be confirmed on Wikipedia. I think it's the grandkids or great grandkids by now.Bit the NAZIS are on the RISE fast now.The one contracted by New York is from IBM and most know aims Third reuch Nazi connection.See Gates Epstein Covid Master race31/2 minute YT vid.

  13. You are right. Regardless of the truth of the narrative, one clip that is known to be false, will paint the whole narrative as a lie. However, it didn't stop MSM using library war footage (not from Ukraine) when reporting on Ukraine and very few if anyone called them out on that.

  14. Let's not forget about 5g! I've seen a lot of reports of similarities of the common symptoms to radiation poisoning. It might be possible that people react to jabs differently not only bc of different batches, but also due to different proximity to towers and a variety of interactions🤷🏼‍♀️
    After all, those 5g towers installations were done in the most suspicious manner, during lockdowns and hush hush. They must play a role in the general scheme. Somehow.
    Oh, and also unknown/ unnamed devices that pop up on your wifi/bt network in the presence of the jabbed…
    Some tech from the jabs interracting via 5g

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