Diesel Crisis Has the Potential to Bring Economy to Its Knees.

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Video Chapters:

00:00 Introduction
01:50 Diesel shortage/crisis getting worse
03:01 The importance of diesel for the US Economy
12:22 Rafi Farber and backwardation in diesel market
22:02 Permanent backwardation in gold and what it would mean
23:28 Conclusion

Today we will look at the current diesel shortages in the US resulting in higher prices and potentially a complete halt in economic activity.

The Dangers of Permanent Gold Backwardation – Professor Antal E. Fekete:

Diesel fuel explained- Where our diesel comes from:

Diesel shortage as price per gallon soars(WFLA News):

Why every American should care that diesel prices are surging across the country:’s%20importance%20to%20our%20economy&text=Without%20diesel%20fuel%2C%20the%20U.S.,)%2C%2097%25%20use%20diesel.

The End Game Investor by Rafi Farber:


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  1. Right now, 1 ounce of gold is supposedly worth £1415 according to the FX market, but try to find a 1 ounce Britannia coin anywhere near that price!

  2. ALL SCRIPTED…take away energy (Climate change nee global warming) , pipeline sabotage, USA reducing their energy capability, you will become a 3rd world nation. Agenda-21 is being implemented.

  3. So they artificially stopped producing diesel to create scarcity and jack up prices. In a typical barrel of crude oil, 43% becomes gasoline, 27% becomes diesel, 6% becomes jet fuel. The rest is heavy fuel, asphalt and light oils. Have they started dumping the diesel into the ocean?

  4. It's happening eventually all people & nations will lose all trust in the fiat US $ £ € etc their purchasing power is deprecating quickly now, it's better to spend them on things you & others will always want, while it's still possible, it's best to hold real goods – food, water, commodities, land, property, vehicles, machinery, eventually everything real will have to be revalued against real money.
    All the fiat currency's are finished
    the end is near.

  5. Diesel in US $5.20/US gallon = $1.38/litre. In Ireland its €2.05/litre and petrol is only €1.84/litre despite the fact it costs more to produce. Manipulation of the market or Gov take is distorted.

  6. Democrat voters and their politicians are total F-ing fools! THEY…. helped the fools in the white house steal it! THEY and their nasty families will suffer like the rest of us Americans!

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