Diesel rationing?! 😡

It seems that here in the UK we could see diesel fuel being rationed by as early as next month!





Image of Fuel Ration Book 1974 by Richard Avery (CC-BY-SA-4.0) via Wikimedia Commons.jpg

Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. One further step to the objective of the WEF. Why are the majority of the sheeple so compliant to the failures of government to effectively plan properly. The Covid fiasco,a convenient war and food shortages ahead. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

  2. Now we know Putin is evil and he supported Brexit. it shows he did not have Britain's intrest at heart. Well done Brexiteers all you did was to make Putin's plans become true

  3. I live off grid solar panels,wind generator,water falls out of the sky, bottled gas i buy not much though,no rent,no council tax, life's great,the leisure crew happy days slaves…

  4. Strange, England is an oil producer from the North Sea. What you forgot to mention, this will apply to jet fuel too. It is basically the same stuff as diesel.

  5. According to Lloyds of London records, the number of insured ships hauling petrol during the 1970s, did not decline one iota from the previous decade. Those vessels just remained off-shore while the fuel "crisis" worsened`. Of course, American officials were wont to quote "Sgt. Schulz" on the matter: "I know n o t h i n g." see, "The Energy Non-Crisis", by Lindsey Williams , 1980 July PS Lloyds records discovered after book was published.

  6. Isn’t it a little strange that the sanctions that we have passed on Russia will end up hurting us more than it will Russia?
    They will simply find new buyers, and probably already have done so already!
    We haven’t shot our selves in the foot, we have completely blown one of our feet off!
    Meanwhile, our media are building up public acceptance enough to trigger something very stupid and worryingly, that might be WWIII?!?
    When you actually look at a map of the world and see who is supporting the sanctions that the U.K. government have led on, it’s not really many others? Even the EU can’t support crippling sanctions that would end up killing the Euro!
    Utter madness, and all because of public historia over a very one-sided view of this conflict!
    Perhaps people should be looking as to the atrocities that have been carried out in Eastern Ukraine on the Russians living in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which triggered Russia to go in, in the first place!
    Some have described the heavy artillery in these areas by the Ukrainian far right Azov battalion, as ethnic cleansing!
    But as long as everyone keeps believing the one sided narrative that the West keep spouting, then we are heading for WWIII and potentially far worse!

  7. Diesel theft is rife in the NE of England already and what are the police doing. According to the Newcastle Chronicle the owner of a firm who lost 25k on Tuesday last on Sat the 12th Feb 22

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