Digging into the Fauci COVID Email Release (Liberals Are In Full Damage Control Panic)

Fauci was not muzzled, discussed gain of function for COVID in February, and ignored staff that warned that China was lying about the early pandemic:


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  1. I literally typed in "Styxhexenhammer666 Fauci Emails" to find your video (I didn't have time to watch it when it released, but I noticed you posted about it), and wouldn't you know it… Your video was nowhere to be found in the search. So I had to just go to your channel and find it manually. God, for a video hosting website, how inconvenient it is to not be shown what you literally are searching for. Youtube is going down the toilet and has been for a long time.

  2. Anyone that says they trust China is either a communist working for China,or a complete drooling retard. Now I know you can have a college degree and be dumber than shit in common sense, but you don't get to Fauci's level in medicine or bureaucracy by being an idiot. He knows everything he did and he did it all intentionally. For China.

  3. I'm about to start really freaking out. I have been really chill throughout this crazy time in history but after this shit i am astonished that so few people seem to care… Like what does that mean for us?

  4. Oh no, the wrinkle shirt is back, in the bright sunlight it looks like a sh*t shirt and not a presentable shirt. You make money MAN. Get the act cleaned up. What is it $2.00 bucks a week ………………………..You reissue this Brooks brother shirt or is it target.

  5. Fauci found the time to respond back to Morgan Fairchild, writing her a very lengthy and thoughtful email. During the crazy busy time of a pandemic, Fauci had time for Fairchild but he hasn’t the time to read an urgent email.

  6. Do do do do do do do do do do do do

    Dr. Fauci

    Gave us Diseases

    Lied to all the people who have been quarantined

    We all been yelled at for not wearing masks

    And been forced to stay socially distant

    Been washing our hands with disinfectant

    And we'll need more financial assistance


    Promise us, please!

    We'll be able to get ride of you before the end of the season.

    Restrictions will lift without your resistance.

    Dr. Fauci get fired please.

  7. Even after this all comes out, you'll still see Dummies taking The Jab. Or wearing a damn mask. You're signing your own death warrant taking that inoculation. Guaranteed to kill/maim.

  8. the release of the virus was planned and executed purposely by the Xi Jinping, the CCP, and the DNC to prevent Trump from being re-elected. Fauci is low hanging fruit.