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PANDEMIC TREATY – B20 business leader asking the G20 to make Digital health certification a WHO standard to identify those who are jabbed. So for the next pandemic, they can move around.n

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  1. This is a proof that we are not seeing the end yet. Fear is their modus operandi. Covid do no longer scare people so guess what is coming next! A clue as Bill Gates proudly claims " the next one will really get people's attention"
    Since there is general apathy , lack of awareness and insufficient opposition , they have no intention to ease off on injections till they achieve total control . It will be extremely hard to dodge the needle next time.

  2. German Officer: WHERE ARE YOUR PAPERS?
    Police Officer: Please show your Digital Health Certificate.

    Basically the unvaccinated are now classified as new-aged Jews.

  3. oh but we now agree that theur vax didnt stop transmission, so you gonna let people move around jabbed but infecting everybody, meanwhile all the people that say no thanks will be told they can not move. i reject their ideas and substitute my own.

  4. Who is in the hands of Bill Gates and Big Pharma cartel. This insane speaker who spreads only propaganda and lies, is talking about Orwellian Medical Dystopia! Totalitarian dictatorship, police state, vaccination apartheid.
    It is the goal of psychopaths without conscience, sociopaths, narcissists and pathological liars in our governments worldwide! They hate people who do not swallow their bullshit and do not follow their orders!!
    Greetings full support for Freedom, Peace and Justice from Slovakia!!

  5. Let us all tell them where they can shove that digital health certificate. When they go to introduce this again in Australia, everyone should say no and if they put restrictions on us, let us the people put restrictions on them. I am sure we can think of some ways to impact their lives like they want to impact ours.

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