“Digital IDs Now!” Demands Fmr U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair

For almost 20 years Tony Blair has been pushing for the U.K. – and other nations – to adopt compulsory Digital ID programs. Initially Blair made the case for Digital IDs based on convenience, but then more recently he’s used COVID-19 and Britain’s illegal migrant problem as the excuses du jour. It seems that no matter the problem, for Tony Blair the solution is always a Digital ID program. Coincidentally, the World Economic Forum, of which Blair is a member, has also pushed for Digital IDs.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss all the ways Digital IDs can lead to depriving us of our freedom and independence.

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  1. What amazes me is that supposedly liberal/progressive friends I’ve had for years who would rant about corporate/governmental control of our lives are now completely on board with this kind of authoritarian rule by corporate and governmental elites.
    They’re down with censorship and mandates and forced quarantine and surveillance.

  2. We WILL eventually have a mandatory digital ID and it will "evolve" into a mark on you right hand or forehead. There are things predicted in a certain "book of fables", that should soon be coming into view to even the most hard core atheist.

  3. This also shows that the State is a separate class because even when people are no longer in office, supposedly according to the will of the people, they still get brought back to influence people as though they are still ruling, which they basically are. Blair comes back, Obama comes back, everyone comes back to do the bidding of their masters and to keep people subjugated. They wouldn't do it if the current leaders weren't so unpopular, but they figure people will romanticise these former leaders and listen to them. Sadly, it still works.

  4. I will never own a smart phone, it is the" mark". I would rather die than be tormented by angels for eternity. This man Blair is a demonic asshole. " You shall not buy nor sell or trade without the Mark".

  5. We already have digital id. The government has your license photos in the database. They don’t just print it off and delete the photo. The problem is if they decide to get rid of physical money. Then they can dictate how you are allowed to spend your own money.

  6. He left the uk bankrupt , he then went on to be a multi millionaire giving talks to companies , hate the guy with a passion and Gordon brown , why should anyone listen to this man , he needs to go away and hide never to be seen again

  7. A test for the banks and governments to see how much crap we will take , remember Canada truckers when bank accounts were suspended , that’s what they want to do

  8. Blair keeps changing the reasons for the Digital ID card. First it was Covid and now it's to tackle migration. This guy is such a hack and needs to keep out of British Politics lest he wants to visit the Tower of London.

    BTW the Pigs Head thing was David Cameron.

  9. This is why so many banks are closing branches all over Scotland and UK, force you into digital and electronic payments. Our local bank closed and closest one ten miles away in town with no parking in the town? whereas our branch had dedicated car parking

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