Digital Plan B – How to stay connected AND banked no matter what – Slow Chat with Stephan Livera

It’s the very first in our promised and much anticipated ‘Plan B’ series!

We have the legendary Stephan Livera, a genuine expert in all things online and especially all things crypto!

Topher will be grilling Stephan on VPN, TOR, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain more generally in an effort to educate himself, and you, on how to stay connected AND how to stay ‘banked’ (able to make and receive payments) no matter what happens.

Just take a look at Canada to see why this might be vital information… possibly even life saving information! And the window of time to educate yourself and get set up may well be closing, as government’s around the world look to regulate cryptocurrencies more and more (a fools errand if you understand anything about the internet, but that won’t stop them from trying!)

So join Topher and Stephan at 8pm Thursday Evening (AEDST) for a slow chat with a difference! It’s all about the ‘digital’ aspects of ‘Plan B’ and is the first in our special ‘Plan B’ series!

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