‘Diplomacy is Not on the Agenda’ – Noam Chomsky on US War Mongers

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Professor Noam Chomsky analyzes the US’s handling of the war in Ukraine. A recent Washington Post article did a full retrospective of the war so far, and had no mention of diplomacy. It’s simply not on the US agenda, and therefore mainstream media won’t mention it.

Plus he analyzes the confusion for the US and Britain: why isn’t Russia invading like we do? Why aren’t they destroying everything in their path? Why is Kyiv still standing? What’s Russia’s game here?

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  1. Does he know you are charging money to watch his full interview?? If we are to fight back against these evil entities then knowledge and truth should be free for all. The Real news network didn't charge money 6months ago when he was on their platform. SMDH

  2. This fossil wanted me in a cage, if I recall, for not taking a shot which now has provably worse efficacy than natural immunity. I hope this is the last time he's invited onto this channel or anywhere.

  3. Can all in left YT please start educating people about both: (1) the difference between right-authoritarian vs. right-libertarian; & (2) the difference between left-authoritarian vs left-libertarian? It’s long overdue. People aren’t cattle or sheep: They will understand if we educate them.
    Though we need to educate (& learn) about all the nuance.

  4. X-Files
    Humans vs. Alien Vampires

    Working in the dark to suck the "vital forces" (health, wealth, welfare, social security, future and joy) out of humans is what qualifies as brilliance to the hostile alien vampires (greed) that rule US.

    Investing into these "vital forces" is not part of the vampire narrative.

    The evangelical monsters are extremely "desperate" to manufacture war. Because working in the dark to suck the joy out of life and destroy the planet is the only way that the loveless, lifeless parasites can survive and thrive.

    It's also how the hostile alien invaders keep their human capital (cattle) corralled.

    Unlike earthling human beings and creators of joy…the capitalist counting corpses that rule US can't create harmony (real intelligence) because vampires (greed) are far worse than stupid.

    The loveless, lifeless parasites are ignorant (dead).

    Vampires (greed) who suck the joy out of life have joined the zombies who eat the futures of their children.

    Zombie Apocalypse is here and happening now.

  5. So, in 10 years I should expect Russia to withdrawal and some select Ukrainian Nazi begins denouncing the US only to eventually start committing terrorist strikes on "the homeland" and further necessitating removal of more Americans civil liberties and another coalition of the willing (to commit genocide) in Ukraine.

    Maybe instead, someone could start pushing a Disney script starring Tom Hanks that "plays" this out as a must see series in an effort to limit, likely, already made CIA plans sitting on the burner.

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