Diplomat ADMITS To LYING About UKRAINE NATO Membership

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Diplomat ADMITS To LYING About UKRAINE NATO Membership

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  1. US/NATO will not stop until people of Ukraine doesn’t get rid of Zelensky or maybe it will have to be President Putin that will definitely have to it & then the world will have to blame US/NATO & their puppet Zelensky whe Ukraine becomes RUSSIA once again as it was before Stalin created it & made it a country!
    The word “ukraine”means SIDE of one country as it was at the side of Russia!
    “u kraj” = at the end

  2. Its obvious and has been obvious for a while that NATO wants Ukrainee,be a member of NATO to be able to install their fire power right at Russias – and anti globalist Poutines border !

  3. 🇮🇩🤝🇷🇺

    1400 years ago we were warned about the existence of big liars, groups that spread lies, or the kingdom of liars all recorded in one holy book, the liar is named Dajjal and our friends call it anti christ very few people learn that we are busy playing games, parties and having fun following the games and the fun they create they are bestowed with extraordinary greatness and power to deceive the human mind, and lead astray from the path of truth

  4. How to pull things out of context, yes the doors were and still are open for Ukraine to enter Nato but their always have been conditions which made that a long term goal!! First Nato does not take in any countries that has an active civil war going on and second corruption had to be banned out, the first did not change as the conflict in Donbas was not resolved yet and on the corruption level have been made much progress but they were not their yet. So they ain't lying because Ukraines membership was on the agenda but it was not going to happen soon. Also all 30 Nato members need to vote positive to Ukraines entry, it is not a string the US can pull and it will happen!!! Erdogan is clearly demonstrating that with Finland and Swedens membership. If any of these journalist did any background research you would have known that in the past in several European Nato countries their have been referendums about deepening trade ties with Ukraine and the result was negative because of the corruption issues, and that policy would apply on nato membership as well, corruption got to go and the Donbas issue need to be resolved before ukraine can join anything like Nato or EU. The US knows that, Russia knows that, Europe knows that and Ukraine knows that, and that is why Zelensky promised to stop and resolve the conflict in Donbas. What should have happened was Nato telling Russia that Ukraine was not going to join in the near short future but that we grand them Art 5 of Nato Based upon the Budapest memorandum as long as it is not a Nato member. Putin asked in a press release a few weeks before the invasion during this massive build up of troops if Russia would be fighting Nato if Russia would get in a conflict with Ukraine, Nato response to Russia was we will do anything to defend Nato territory so without understanding it themselves Nato gave Russia the green light to get in conflict with Ukraine, they should have said to Putin yes if you invade we will aid Ukraine in its territorial defense!!

  5. As long u are in democratic world u must lies to survive if don't lie u will suffer too much because the foundation of democracy is religions and foundation of religion is corruption.

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