Director Warns $40B Weapons Shipped To Ukraine Could Be Used By “Criminal Groups” For Years

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  1. Yea our money!!! We and our children will have to pay those taxes and not one cent went to one American except the thief’s!!!! We already live in a supposed free country but that’s because the current thief potato head is a communist! Now they’re going after our guns and free speech. Once that’s gone forget about it…

  2. What amazes me is that after leaving behind $70 or 80 billion worth of military materiel in Afghanistan, the US still finds the wherewithal to send all these armaments to Ukraine. Talk about an evil entity….

  3. It If fundamentally wrong to bend over backwards at the behest of our potential economic collapse in support of a country that allowed its industrial production to be sold off to the highest bidder. This country used to produce it own defense equipment but through vast corruption it squandered that away and we the American people have to defend those criminals? No I'm sorry sir you are incorrect in saying we should support them.

  4. The fact that country reps discussing war strategies on Twitter is all need to know that this is a farce. Or at least extremely sketchy.

  5. To be quite honest with you I hope efery bit of that $40 billion dollars worth of weapons ends up in Russia's hands.
    There would not be a war going on in Ukraine right now if Obama and Biden hadn't started it in 2014. The western oligarchs had been planning this war for many years to use Ukraine to take down Russia and bring it under their control again.
    Russia would have never went in their if Kiev wouldn't have kept bombing eastern Ukraine after they had signed peace agreement with the separatist. The western media has been lying to us for years about Russia and Ukraine and failing to tell us what Kiev has been doing to their own country.

  6. Dr. Rand Paul is one of half a dozen true Americans fighting for the people. He has common sense, integrity, honest and truthful, God fearing, intelligent, and willing to stand up for what is right and call out the government absurdity that is harming America.

  7. Yes, Biden has to protect Hunters interest over in Ukraine or did you all forget about the deal he and the "big guy " made over there when Trump said someone ought to look into to it?

  8. Fox News betrayed conservatives by pushing pro trans propaganda. Fox News is a trojan horse trying to get conservatives to move to the left, they are not to be trusted

  9. Why are the taxpayers of the United States being burdened with sending billions of dollars over for the S especially while all of Europe is buying the oil from Russia completely funding Russia

  10. Yeah send them 40 billion and disarm your own citizens this administration got its head buried so far up his butt it's wonder they don't suffocate. And when I say administration I mean everybody in it it's not just the idiot/puppet at the top.

  11. Scam works like this: ship weapons into region. Whoopsie daisy. Someone stole the stash of weapons, oh, darn it! We're not responsible for all the terrorist activities and coups overthrowing all of our political enemies! Hey, don't pay attention to us, look, johnny depp is getting a divorce! Pick a side, red or blue! It's like sports! It doesn't matter which side wins though because we win no matter what.

  12. Open primaries, ranked choice voting, popular vote can veto congress, term limits, decomission homeland insecurity, decomission pedo tsa, rescind unpatriot act

  13. Watching these politicians, such as Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Biden & Chuck Schumer, reigning over America for decades with their power-grabs and corruptions, term limits come to mind frequently!!

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