Disappeared! Video Proving U.S. Involvement In Ukraine Coup

YouTube and other social media platforms have long been accused of suppressing or silencing dissention from elite or establishment narratives, especially on matters of war. Now YouTube has provided further support for these critics by disappearing a popular video on the Consortium News’s channel depicting a leaked phone call where former State Department official Victoria Nuland openly discusses who should lead Ukraine after the upcoming coup that took place in 2014.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the Nuland phone call and efforts to suppress information on social media sites debunking the government’s lies about the war machine.

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  1. So grateful to Jimmy and team for the continued reporting on all the twists with the increased censorship and Orwellian state we are living in. I need this Nuland video to help inform my largely, uninformed local community.

  2. You can post that the earth is flat, and it's not censored. But not things that are at least arguably true, like the recording of an American official discussing who to install in their puppet Ukrainian government.
    It really is that they censor truth, not lies.

  3. Duran have been referring to Elensky for ages. If O is banned his first name is getting shorter and E now his name Lensky. I wonder if he has changed names on his numerous bank accounts.

  4. I just watched Winter on Fire and that doc makes it seem like the Ukrainian people didn’t want Yanakovich to be President. The doc details the ousting of the President and shows that the ppl on Kiev wanted to join the EU.

  5. I don't know any local restaurant that offers 'Chicken Kiev'. If I did, I'd check a menu/ask staff for spelling/pronunciation changes by management. Who would want to eat "chicken keev"?

    Frozen entree boxes at the stores retain 'Kiev'. It's nice to know some things never change? But it may be for now, or while some sanity remains.

  6. You know what is really sad is that the fucking People in this Country who has the Authority to stop this Bullshit that these Politicians who works for Us are doing! But the People here in this Country rather be Racist and sperated thinking 🤔 about Bullshit that doesn't matter and not realizing that if You stop the Bullshit Your going to prosper more!

  7. Jimmy please do a segment on Bill Maher having Donna Brazile on real time. Should rip her for the tongue bath she gave Biden. Purposely leaving out Bernie. Not that I think Bernie would do anything progressive policy wise

  8. When Trump gets back into office. He should create an executive order making it a crime with a prison term to anyone intentionally misleading the public/trying to influence people through media lies.

  9. We've seen the state department and CIA choose the leaders for dozens of other countries around the world, but people still don't believe they're choosing the leaders for our own.

  10. Lee Stranahan had this story cold soooooo many years ago. Way before they tried to distract us with the Uranium One story.
    What are they hiding in “the most corrupt country in Europe”. The ninth most corrupt country in the world.
    Hmmmmmm. Was not VP Biden’s role to officially deal with all that corruption?…………And now he gives them 40B ?
    I wonder who the other 8 “most corrupt countries in the world” are, and if we are so lovey-dovey with them too.
    As the cartoon Pogo once said : “We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us”.
    “ The U.S. government is the biggest purveyor of disinformation.”
    Rand Paul quote in his interrogation of The Disinformation Board.

    I would laugh, if I could keep from crying.

  11. And banning letters does what to the Russian's tactically? Nothing. But what it does do is demonstrate both stupidity and a kind of primitive dogmatic fear.

  12. and wait there's More!!! H Biden emails indicate that there was funding of biological weapons labs in the Ukraine,,, through Rosemont Seneca to Metabiota

  13. Here is Jimmy being smart and seeing the danger of creepy government deep state Vicky Nuland.
    How is is possible for Jimmy to clearly see what is being manipulated here and not see how they are doing a similar coordinated anti gun agenda?
    Who benefits from extremely limiting access to legal gun ownership? Answer, big government and criminals.

  14. Jimmy Dore, please stop trying to read like an alien news anchor! WTF are you continually talking like your having an anxiety attack? You still act like you don't believe 50 million or more American citizens are with you! Slow down and relax. This attack dog continuum is irritating after awhile. We are with you brother. Are you still afraid of YouTube? Get your money straight and keep to your principles. Fear is fuckin ugly. I hate it when you transfer into that weird news broadcaster voice. Maybe your just not good at reading outloud? Don't you have any consultants? Listen to them or begin to lose patrons. It's time to grow!

  15. "Ukraine on Fire" by Oliver Stone was on youtube for YEARS with MILLIONS of views. Youtube removed it a couple months ago to hide the truth and to not be informed about the Ukraine situation regarding Russia, the US, Neo-Fascist & Nazi groups, NATO, etc.

  16. Nothing good has ever come from the terms "midwifing" and "gluing together" appearing in the same context.

    Midwife: "It's a beautiful, healthy, baby bo-ah-whoops!" SPLAT
    New mother: "What? What?! What!!!?"
    Midwife: "No worries. We'll just glue it back together."

    The true story of the birth of current Ukraine.

  17. Now it begins? Not only War against Russia but war against the Population of the World who want to know the truth? Taken down TapNewsWireBlog this morning… I wonder if it had anything to do with this:"Has Russia won? it's game over."

  18. Democracy is when the US Deep State choose the government of a nation instead of the people of that nation. Like happened in Brazil in 1964 when an elected president that was later aproved in a referendum was ousted and a sequence of generals became 'presidents'.

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